It’s getting close to the big day!

D- day may hopefully be upon is within the next few months and by D-day I obviously mean completing on our dream home. Operation gut our own house and start planning décor for the new one has begun and it’s really helped me set my mind on certain room plans.

I’ve said it for a long time but I’ve always wanted a big wall mural in my house but I’ve definitely decided that Freya’s room or the play room is the destination for it. I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect one so thought I’d share my favourites that I’ve found so far.

Animal World Map
*collaborative post*

Cartoon City Map

Cartoon Animal World

Magical Red Road

Watercolour World Map

I love the map prints the best if I’m honest and the ones with the animals on would be perfect for Freya’s playroom as they are both fun and educational.

I can’t wait for the move in date to come now and as soon as I get one of these murals put up in the house, I will be sure to share the results with you all.

Laura x

*Collaborative Post*

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5 Top Tips To Get Fashion For Less

If your search somehow landed you on this page, you are one of us. You may be wondering what this statement means, well it means we are the people who have to manage our wishes according to our budgets. Let’s face it no matter who you are or where you from we all want to look good, and like they say if you look good you feel good. But nothing is free in this life or better yet nothing good comes cheap in this life, so we all feel that little heartache when we pass through a store that is showcasing a fashion item that would rock your look but the price tag on it seems like something impossible on your budget. Fashion isn’t exactly cheap, brands and designer products have made it even harder to get a deal that wouldn’t unbalance a budget, but there are a few ways that can potentially save you money and help to get fashion for less.

First of all, figure out what you want

If you want to save money on your fashion shopping always make sure you know what is that you want exactly, and control what you buy. Let me give you an example of what this means, this may have happened to you often when you go out shopping and see something that’s just perfect and exactly what you want but the price tag scared you away, now what people usually do after being chased away by the price tag is that they go after inexpensive items and take their leave. This is called impulse buying, now what happened is that you didn’t get what you like and ended up with buying things that you like less and most probably they will rot in your wardrobe for years. So the first thing to do is figure out what you want and stick to that plan, its ok to pay an extra few bucks to get something that will actually be a part of your wardrobe instead of buying a heap of junk.

Review your closet

Take some time off and face your closet and you will see that there are a lot of things that are just lying there that were rarely or most likely never been used. The first lesson you will get is that these were the things you didn’t need or like but you still wasted a good amount of money, which could’ve been used to buy something nicer that you would actually wear and use.

Sell, Trade or donate

If you have stuff that isn’t being used and is in good condition consider selling it or making a trade with something in return, there are a few great platforms like vinted and eBay on which you can buy or auction used stuff and get some extra cash, also consider donating stuff that isn’t in your use.

Shop Online

It’s always a good idea to take your shopping experience online, because it gives you the opportunity to go through thousands of products, compare prices and get the best deal for yourself, another great thing about shopping online is discounts, almost all online retailers offer great discounts throughout the year and armed forces members can get discounts on top brands like Cotswold Outdoor with Troopscout.

Avoid impulse buying

It’s really important that you thoroughly grasp this point and I can’t stress on it enough “avoid impulse buying” which in simple words means don’t buy stuff that you don’t really want or need just because it on sale, because in doing so you are just making your budget even thinner and making it hard for yourself to buy things that you actually want.

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Winter Lawn Care: Keep Your Garden Fresh With Minimal Effort

How can you include winter lawn care in your routine and what does it involve? :

It’s true that your lawn doesn’t need to be kept prim and proper during the winter months. Why? Your efforts would be wasted due to all the harsh weather it brings. However, just leaving your lawn to its own devices when the temperatures get colder isn’t the way to go if you’re garden proud.

To ensure your children have a safe lawn to play on in the summer months and to make sure it looks the part at your garden parties this year, you need to put some measures into place. Winter lawn care doesn’t need to be difficult and you can implement some simple tasks to get the most out of it. It will also help you out when springtime comes around.

For this post, I’ve teamed up with Greensleeves, lawn care and treatment experts, to bring you some helpful tips to consider for keeping your garden fresh. Winter lawn care is much simpler than you think!

Clear debris

The first thing you need to do, whenever you notice it, is to clear any dead leaves and debris from your lawn. This debris will not only look a mess in your garden, but it can also be an ideal way for moisture and disease to grow.

To ensure you eliminate the chances of this happening and to help keep your lawn healthy, you can use a rake or brush to remove any debris that could harm your lawn. Keeping it clear as much as you can will help to keep it clean and disease-free.

Mow infrequently

It’s often said that there is no need to mow your lawn during the winter as it doesn’t grow like it does in the warmer months. In fact, when the temperature is above around 5 degrees, your lawn will begin to grow slowly.

Where you can and when it is needed, ensure you mow your lawn, but make sure it is longer than it would normally be when you give it a cut in the summer. Of course, steer clear of mowing if the grass is wet or there is frost around.


A handy trick that you may not know about – aeration is the process of making holes in your grass for better drainage. To prevent clogging on your grass and muddy puddles rising to the surface, prick some holes through your lawn using a garden fork.

Doing this will improve the drainage in your lawn and prevent any minor flooding. It will also allow more air to travel into the root, making way for a more healthier lawn in the long term.

Keep off the grass!

Where you can, try not to walk on your lawn much if it is wet or covered in frost. If you do at this time, then you could quite easily damage the grass. It will then not be able to fix itself until the spring.

Make a point of telling family members too and ensuring that any children have a suitable place to play away from the grass. It will prevent any damage and you’ll thank yourself for it when the warmer weather comes around!

Winter lawn care should be simple

Keeping on top of these easy to implement tips should ensure you have a happy and healthy lawn when the summer time comes around. How do you make sure your lawn is looking its best in winter? Let me know in the comments!

This post was in collaboration with Greensleeves, lawn care and treatment experts. For more information about their services or to request a quote, visit their website:

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