5 Simple Ways to Help Your Kids See the Value of Money

Money makes the world go around, but a lot of people don’t know how to use it effectively. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of living from paycheck to paycheck, particularly if you haven’t had a full education on saving before. Fortunately, you can ensure that your children are prepared for anything by giving them an introduction to the true value of saving. Savings aren’t something that we learn about in school, which is why many of us go into life wondering how we’re supposed to make the most out of our cash. Here are 5 simple ways to give your kids the education you wish you’d had.

1.     Lead by Example

Children are like sponges, they learn by responding to the lessons that are all around them. One of the best ways to teach your children about the values of saving money is to show them that you know how to save too. Set out your own jar of cash that you can regularly put funds into in front of your kids.

Remember to tell your children what you’re saving for too. For instance, if you’re saving for a vacation at the end of the year, when you finally get to go on holiday, your kids will be able to see that your hard work paid off. You can even speak to your children about the savings that you’re putting aside for their future – for instance, when you’re saving for college.

2. Give them a Piggy Bank or Bank Account

Even the best of us have trouble saving when the only method of organising our money that we have involves storing cash under the bed. If your kids are too young to sign up for a bank account, try giving them a piggy bank where they can save their spare cash. You can even give them different boxes that they can use to separate their cash into money that they can spend, money to save, and money to donate.

When your youngsters are old enough to open a bank account, make sure that you encourage them to do so as much as possible. Tell your kids to commit to saving a certain amount in the bank each month, so that they get into a habit of splitting their money.

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3.     Try an App

You’d be surprised just how much technology is available today to help children and adults alike learn more about saving. Just as you can download an app on your phone to track your bills and payments, you can also give your child an app that they can use to plan their spending, create financial goals and track their progress with their money.

An app on a smartphone or tablet can make saving money feel like more of a game to your youngsters, and you can even give them rewards when they reach certain goals. For instance, if your child meets all of his saving goals for a month, then you can help him out by giving him an extra cash bonus to put towards the item that he’s being saving up to buy.

When your youngsters are old enough to open a bank account, make sure that you encourage them to do so as much as possible. Tell your kids to commit to saving a certain amount in the bank each month, so that they get into a habit of splitting their money.

4.     Help Them to Come up with Goals

Speaking of goals, we all achieve things much faster if we have an end target to aim for. Rather than just telling your kids that they need to save money because it will be good for their future, help them to come up with realistic long and short-term goals, then come up with timelines to help them reach those targets.

For instance, if your youngster wants to save up £30 for a new game, then you can show them that saving £5 a week would mean they had to wait 6 weeks for the game. On the other hand, if they saved £10 a week, they would only have to wait for 3 weeks. This way, your children can see how buying things now affects their ability to reach their financial goals.

5.     Talk to your Kids

Finally, one of the most important things you can do to teach your children about the value of money, is leave the lines of communication open. Make sure that your youngsters always feel comfortable coming to you and asking any questions that they might have.

While you might not want to reveal all of your financial concerns to your children, you can also get some of the older ones involved in discussions about money. For instance, if you need to change your budget to afford something new, then ask your teenagers to give you their ideas for how you can cut costs.

Laura x

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3 looks I’m loving this season

Winter is one of the hardest seasons for me when it comes to dressing up. I’m definitely not as body confident as I used to be so I’m happiest in jeans and a slouchy jumper but I’m slowly coming to terms with my mum bod and that means learning to dress in a new way.

I’m a huge fan at the moment of a midi dress and this tan polka dot wrap dress from Boohoo is an absolute gem. Paired with my Cari’s Closet chunky gilet for a bit more warmth when a coat isn’t needed, I think it’s a great outfit for an evening out.

I’m also loving prints at the moment and have recently snapped up some printed blouses including this gorgeous leopard print one from M&S which was a Christmas present from a family member. Again I think it works really well under my gilet.

Lastly I picked up this cute black jumpsuit from New Look which I had my eye on at full price so was pleased to get it in the sales for a bargain of £7. I can’t wait to wear this at some point soon as I think it’s the perfect thing for getting my confidence back.

I’m still finding my style hence why I haven’t taken photos of me actually in the clothes because I really didn’t feel confident enough to brave a camera. I’m hoping to start finding my feet again with fashion and ditch the baggy jumpers at least some of the time but this post definitely ignited a passion for shopping again.

Laura x

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Lumie Bedbug: Review

Since Freya went to nursery, well scratch that. Since before Freya started going to nursery, her sleep started to go a little awry and gone were the days of her sleeping solidly through the night. 

Our little monkey decided she would not only be awake more during the nights, she would also take up residence in our bed. Yep you heard me, she started sleeping in our bed…a lot! This was something I never intended to do and isn’t something I intend to keep going but when you both work full time and have to be on the road by 6:30am for work, you do what you have to.

We were kindly offered the chance to review the Lumie Bedbug just in time for Freya starting nursery and thought anything would be worth a try at this point.

The Lumie Bedbug *Kindly gifted to us*

The Brightest Setting on the Lumie Bedbug

We started using the Lumie light immediately and tried a few different settings out including the sunset options which allow the light to fade over a period of 15 minutes and even having the light on a lighter setting to see if she preferred going to bed with more light.

We also tested out putting it on a darker setting which still allowed light in the room but was a lot less bright and to be honest; this is the setting we have stuck with for her.

Overall we have found the Lumie Bedbug a fantastic product but has it been the solution to our problems… No not really. That could be because Freya’s just not in the mood for sleeping these days or that she’s a bit on the young side for a product like this to work it’s magic yet. That being said, we are sticking with it and hoping that as she grows older she will benefit from it a lot more. The light is a fabulous product and would make a very cute addition to any little one’s bedroom.

Laura x

*product was received in exchange for an open and honest review. all content is my own*

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