Red’s True Barbecue Leeds

So back in November, Bob (that’s the bf btw) and I decided to go with my Mum, brother and step-dad to experience the amazing red’s true barbecue in Leeds city centre. I absolutely love food and will try anything at least once but barbecue food is definitely one of my favourites.¬†Below is my brother and I pre-food having a moment of madness obviously.


We got there at 3:15 on the train from York and headed straight there. You can’t book on a Saturday night though so we booked to come back at 5:15pm and wandered into the city for some drinks. We headed to Brooklyn bar which is now my new favourite haunt in Leeds. its quite small and below the train line but had great cocktails which were 2 for ¬£10.

We went back to red’s at 5 pm when they rang to say the table was ready and as soon as we saw the menu we were all amazed by the choices. I chose a pulled chicken hogie (like a hot dog bun with all the meat in) and had two sides of slaw and fries. It was amazing. Bob had ribs and wings with extra spicy sauce and he said it was incredible.


All in all we will definitely go back but maybe not fill up so much on cocktails beforehand and save room for more meat.


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Hello World

So where to start…

Hi, I’m Laura, I’m 24 and live in the lovely city of York.

I work full time and blog on the side.

I love food, TV Box sets and Mexican Food.

I have a bit of a crazy obsession with entering competitions.

I own many pairs of shoes and also love to travel

So that’s the basics of me and I aim to share more as I write. I wanted to start this blog as a way of sharing things I do whether its travel photos or food etc.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the panel on the left or in the comments.

Thanks x


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