Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Men

You may have seen my post during the week in which I shared my picks for valentine presents for the ladies in your life and I promised I would do the same for the Men as well. I have picked the best I can find and will admit openly to struggling in the past for present ideas for Bob. I have put a fair bit of effort into this and have found novelty items as well as more pricier items for those who are willing to spend more. I would if I had the money to or won the lottery (which is something I have planned for my future of course!)


Babyliss 10-in-1 grooming system//Smartphone Projector//BBQ Branding Iron//GoPro Jaws Flexi//Sony Playstation 4//Google Chromecast HD//Self Stirring Mug.

I have tried to pick something for most guys there. My boyfriend would absolutely love me to buy him a PS4 if I was willing to spend that amount of money, but at the same time, if I bought him a BBQ Branding Iron he would be thrilled. The GoPro flexi jaws would be a fab gift for anyone who has a GoPro as you can clamp it to an object like bike bars and let it film as you go.

Hopefully I have given you some great inspiration for the men in your lives. My ladies collection can be found HERE and my full collection of gifts can be found on HERE. If you have any gift posts then leave me your links and I will have a look.


Laura x

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Zuzka Natural Beauty: Review

I have been very fortunate in the last couple of weeks as I finally got round to joining some blogger twitter chats. One of these was the Bloggers Love Hub twitter chat where you could request a gift from a brand and wait to see if you were lucky enough to be chosen. I was over the moon to find out that I was accepted to review Zuzka Natural Beauty, a company I had seen the name of but never experienced myself.

I have blogged before about my skin problems and how I am very spot prone! (very annoying at the age of 24!!!) I was intrigued to find out about Zuzka but also a bit worried as I have to be careful with any new products that they don’t make my skin flare up.

Zuzka’s Philosophy as taken from their website:

“Zuzka wants to make caring for your skin a pleasurable experience, by providing therapeutic products with fresh natural aromas that produce beneficial, satisfying results, & to offer expert advice & information to help you understand & easily fulfill all your beauty needs.”

I received a sample size bottle of their *Rose Petal Cleansing Milk* which retails at £20.00 for a full size bottle of 150ml. It states to be good for mature skin and even the most sensitive of skins. The botanicals range which this is part of is also meant to be good for dark spots or ageing spots.


I have been using the cleansing milk for about a week now and have to say I am really IMPRESSED! The milk is light but very moisturising on the skin and doesn’t leave me with a greasy feeling like some occasionally do. I have noticed that dark spots form previous breakouts that have never paled before, are now starting to lighten by using this just twice a day. The smell of the cleansing milk is a lovely subtle rose smell and not overpowering which is fab.

I have been using a small pea sized amount on my face in the morning before applying my make-up and also the same amount at night before bed. It’s helped combat my breakout this week as I always suffer when stressed and it has been one of those weeks. Before I finish the bottle up I will definitely be looking to purchase a full sized bottle as a treat to my skin to help keep it soft and supple.


Thank you to Bloggers Love Hub and Zuzka Natural beauty for letting me take part in the chat and testing this lovely item out. I would thoroughly recommend their products to anyone out there.


Laura x

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Women

It’s Wednesday, not long to go until the weekend! Yay 😀

I thought I would create some ideas for Valentine’s gifts for your lovely lady. I will be doing a post re Male gifts in the next couple of days as well (it’s only fair eh?)


Yankee Candle Fireside Treats//Clinique Whole Lotta//L’Occitane en Proven//Le Creuset Cerise ST//Magimix Nespresso In//Benefit Smokin’ Eyes//Urban Decay Naked Basics//Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 – Redemption.

My Valentine’s gift collection can be found on HERE! and This is where you will find my Guys gift list in the next day or 2 as well. My list is compiled of mainly makeup and kitchen goodies as most women will not be able to deny that these are ideal presents. We recently got given a coffee machine by a relative so have been lucky enough to be enjoying the capsules for a while. The makeup I have featured can all be found on the links underneath the photo and where they can be bought for great value for money.

Bob and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day or haven’t really in the past. We have done the occasional meal out on the weekend to celebrate but often found its more expensive. Last year Bob gave me a card and flowers, both of which he got free from work. Some of you may think this to be cheeky but I was very proud that he hadn’t spent any money and used some initiative. I love a bargain or a freebie so I was very impressed with him.

Click the links under the picture if you are interested in finding the prices of these items and link’s for buying them as well.


Laura x

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