My Mascara Collection

You may have seen my post about Frugal February earlier this month, and after writing it I wanted to try and stop spending for the sake of spending for the next couple of months. It made me realise that I have a fairly large collection of products whether its shampoo, makeup, hair stuff etc. I am going to be doing a regular segment about my products until I use them up and can write about the empties and review them.

I am starting with my Mascara’s first and in this collection I own 5! Just 5 you say?! I’m sure plenty of you out there own more than that but for me this is quite excessive. Normally I have 1 or 2 on the go but this has gone crazy as I have received a freebie to try and also won a competition for one.

In my collection I own:

Maybelline Falsies

W7 Flirty Eyes

Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays

Rimmel Kate

Soap & Glory Thick & Fast


My aim is to use all of these mascara’s equally over the next month or so and try and use them up. Naturally if I don’t like a product I won’t force myself to keep using it and when I post my findings I will write an honest review. All the mascara’s have completely different brushes and consistencies so it will be interesting to see what happens. I am going to try and photograph each mascara on my lashes so you can all see the results and it might urge you to go out and buy one.


Has anyone else tried out a challenge like this?


Laura x

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American Apparel Yoga Pants: Buytshirtonline

Now I won’t admit to being an avid Yoga-doer but Christmas 2013 I mentioned it to my boyfriend and he bought me some yoga DVD’s for christmas which was a lovely surprise, as I hadn’t realised he had paid much attention really. I have done it on and off for the last year and some and have thoroughly enjoyed it even though it causes me some pain sometimes and yoga for beginners is sometimes a bit full on.

I received an email from Buytshirtsonline asking me to pick a product from their American Apparel range that I could try out and possibly review on my blog. Naturally I was chuffed because I love this brand and scoured through the pages until I settled on some yoga pants.


The pants are lovely and stretchy with a fold over band at the waist and a slight flare to the bottom. They look lovely on and although they are quite fitted they don’t feel too constricting. Overall I am really impressed with the quality and the fit, and having looked at their full range on the site, very affordable through Buytshirtsonline.

Having looked through the rest of the site, I am really impressed with the affordability of many of their items. There are so many great value items on there that it’s worth taking a look.

Have any of you tried any other American Apparel clothing that you could recommend to me?


Laura x

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Makeup revolution: Go to Hell review

My final review of the Go! palette’s from Makeup revolution is of the Go to Hell palette and what a finale it is. This like the Go to Heaven palette features 18 eyeshadow shades all of which pop and are eye-catching.


All the shades of this palette are a lot darker and would look fab on a night out or for something special. I’m not sure I would wear them day to day as they would look a bit harsh on me at work and they would look too much. The first swatch pic is of the shades on the outer ring and the second on the inner ring.


I like all the colours on the rings and would wear them for a meal or a night out perhaps but definitely not during the day for work as it just wouldnt look quite right with my everyday makeup but for another bargain £3.99 on the makeup revolution website I am more than happy with the palette overall.


Laura x

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