Makeup revolution: Go to the City Palette

Where to start with Makeup Revolution. A new affordable brand that can be found in the aisles of Superdrug. I have spotted it on several occasions trying to entice me to buy, but I will openly admit to not being afflicted with an urge to buy makeup all the time. This has changed recently and I have branched out of my comfort zone more with new brands and makeup revolution has been lucky enough to now feature in my makeup drawer.

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a 6month Blogaversary competition from the lovely Brenda Busy Bee over here! The prize was a bundle of palettes from Makeup Revolution and a Benefit set. I have been super busy the last couple of weeks but have finally got round to posting a review of the first of four palette’s The “Go to the City” palette.


The Palette Features 2 blushers, a highlighter and 6 eyeshadows. The eyeshadow colours are gorgeous and all with a metallic hue. The highlighter is a lovely soft pink champagne colour and looks lovely on over the blusher. I was a little unsure of the blusher shades as in the palette they look rather bright but with a careful application and slight mix with loose powder they can look lovely and natural.


The palette is on the Makeup revolution website for a bargain price of £3.99 and for amazing quality as well, I would say it’s well worth the investment. I will be posting about the 3 other palettes in the next week so keep your eyes peeled folks.

Can anyone recommend any other makeup bargains to me that I can check out?


Laura x

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Beanies Coffee: what a lovely surprise

I was recently contacted to find out if I would be interested in trying out some coffee samples from the lovely company that is Beanies! I was asked to select a couple of flavours that I would like to try out and can say I snapped it up quickly. When I had a look on the website I was pleasantly surprised that all the flavours were interesting and nothing I had come across before. The flavours I selected were *Amaretto Almond and *Chocolate Orange. I was also sent the *Double chocolate as an extra to sample as well.


I have finally tried them all after initially worrying about the flavours. When You first open the jars you get a really overpowering smell of each of the flavours. As you can imagine, it’s quite hard to imagine the coffee tasting anything like coffee rather than chocolate or amaretto. I was pleasantly surprised by each of the coffees once I followed instructions and added water to my trusty Starbucks mug. The taste is lovely in each of the 3 flavours and the coffee itself is very prominent with more of an aftertaste of each one.

An amazing bit of info I didn’t spot until I received the samples is that each serving is less than 2 calories and all the flavours are 100% sugar free! How incredible is that? That means you can indulge in chocolatey goodness in your coffee without feeling guilty later.


I have recently started enjoying black coffee which for anyone who knows me, knows I normally pour the milk in. I’m really glad I have started doing this or I would never have been able to appreciate the Beanie’s flavours. I would thoroughly recommend these lovely coffees and they can be found on the website direct or are now being stocked in Tesco and Sainsbury’s. If you can’t choose between the amazing range of flavours then you can order a stashbox which includes 9 of the flavours to try.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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My first full month being a blogger


Thank goodness January is over! Not only does it always feel like the longest month but I decided to give up alcohol for the month in order to detox. (always a great idea in my head on Jan 1st but not by Jan 21st!) January has also been the month that I decided to really give my blogging a go and make an effort to try and post regularly and also interact with fellow bloggers. I gave myself 3 main goals to achieve and also maintain not just give up after the first month.

  • My first goal was to try and post more frequently – Done (I managed 16 posts in Jan which is 1 every other day!)
  • My second was to try and participate in blogger chats on twitter as its a platform I only really got into in December – also done. I check every night for the latest blogger chat and if it’s a topic I have an opinion about, then I love to be involved and also find some amazing blog links.
  • My last goal was to put myself out there and be confident with what I am writing. My skin gives me huge problems and although I have great days with makeup and it doesn’t look bad, I hate talking about it with people as I worry they will then stare!!! I wanted to post about it as I thought it would help me with confidence about my skin and also find out new ways to help combat breakouts. I can safely say I have blogged and learnt and feel proud that I haven’t avoided the subject.

I will be keeping you lovely lot updated as I go throughout my blogging journey and if I have managed to stick to my own goals or if I add more to develop my little blog. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have been looking at my posts and have commented, it always spurs me on to provide more posts.

I hope you have enjoyed this short and sweet post, I have some exciting posts which will be coming up this week including some reviews and a tips and tricks post, so keep your eyes peeled.


Laura x

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