What do I like about me?

So February has been a month of telling that special someone how much you Love them and giving them a present/presents on Valentine’s day. I was set a challenge by the people at Pebble Grey Mirrors to concentrate on the things I like about none other than ME! I was a little bit apprehensive about the challenge when I first read it but needless to say I was up for taking part and actually taking the time to think about these things. They sent me a lovely Vanity Mirror to use for the challenge as well which I have been using lots lately.

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Where do you start without sounding like a full on paragraph about what you think is great or without trying to be negative? I started thinking about things I liked about myself as a person first of all. This was a tricky one because I tend to think more about negatives sometimes and can be very glass half empty. This is a trait I am trying to change and always look on the brighter side.


Here’s some facts about me personality wise:
I am very independent
I can be a joker although I can’t actually tell a joke without getting part of it wrong
I am a very focused person and will strive to achieve something when I set my mind to it
I am a chatterbox which is great for my job (although I am currently suffering with a sore throat due to this)
I don’t entertain fools and can be a bit quick to make that known sometimes.

It’s really hard to actually say whether or not I like all these things without sounding a bit self-obsessed or thinking that they should be the norm. What I will say is that I have little traits that I would love to control more like OCD or always saying Sorry when I have no reason to be. (for some reason that word has been embedded into my brain and it’s difficult to stop saying it!) I have lovely friends though and I doubt they would be my friends if they didn’t like my personality.


Now let’s move onto the physical!!!! Argh this is a painful one as like most people I have hang ups about myself and find it hard to say what I actually like. I have a slight hatred dislike for my nose! Yeah who doesn’t, but it has become more of a running joke now. It has a bit of a bump on it and it annoys me but I would never have surgery to fix it as it’s what makes me, ME!

My teeth are a good feature, as I had braces as a teenager and now they are lovely and straight which I am very proud of. I also quite like my hair although it’s in dire need of a haircut right now but I can’t decide on a style. It’s quite thick naturally which makes it good for styling and healthy looking.

I also am quite proud of my Cara-esque Brow Game that I have going on. I get asked a lot if they are shaded etc but alas they are all natural!!


I am growing to be more content with my shape. Like most girls/women especially I have had my ups and downs with my body and at 24 I am somewhat getting there. Believe me I have the odd day where I think I wish I was more curvy etc but actually I am happy with my shape and like being able to pick something off a clothes rail in the size i think I am and it generally fits.

I’ve had fun doing this challenge as it gave me a lot of time to think about how happy I am with me and yeah I have some hang ups but who doesn’t?? Hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into me.


Laura x

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I have been receiving a few emails lately from the lovely people at etailPR about a bloggers challenge to create an outfit inspiration for Cheltenham Ladies Day which happens 11th March 2015. I decided to have a bit of fun creating a collage of my favourite look with the aim of injecting some colour into my wardrobe. I am always really careful with colour as I am super pale and like to avoid looking even pastier! So here’s my look for the #ColourMeMarch Challenge.

  1. Embellished Karen Millen Red Dress
  2. BooHoo.com strappy Black Sandals
  3. ASOS Highbury Heeled Sandals
  4. Oasis Box Clutch
  5. Golden Arrow Ring
  6. Butter London Nail Polish
I decided to put 2 different pairs of shoes in my collage as I adore both pairs and was torn to choosing one but I also know that sometimes too many straps might look a bit crazy so I added the second pair. I added the bright blue polish as a way of making anyone’s nails pop as the only thing making it pop is the dress really. I chose the whole outfit as its something out of my comfort zone but I know that it would amazing at a ladies day event like Cheltenham.
What do you think of my collage and outfit inspiration?
Laura x
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My favourite spring coats under £50

 Recently I have been browsing the sites online looking for some new clothes as I feel like I need a new look or a refresh in my wardrobe at least. I started looking for Spring coats mainly as the coats I own are rather bulky and winter-esque. I have picked quite muted colours as I am not a huge lover of bright shades as they can make me look even more Casper-ish than normal!

My favourite spring coats
I have found 6 of my favourites which I have listed below including their links and the prices I saw them at. These were the prices as of 24/02/15 but understandably these can sell out quickly at these prices.
  1. Wool Blend Coat – £27 – newlook.com
  2. Chicnova Fashion Coat – £28 – chicnova.com
  3. Black duster Coat – £28 – newlook.com
  4. Monki White Coat – £29 – monki.com
  5. Grey tweed coat – £20 – romwe.com
  6. ASOS funnel Coat – £24 – asos.com

If I had lots of pennies I would have snapped them all up straight away so I plan to think about them properly before parting with any money, and I may spot another one I like in the meantime 🙂

Have you found any coats/jackets you can share with me?


Laura x

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