My Recent Empties

I’ve been noticing a lot of these posts on other amazing blogs and thought I would have a go at one myself. I have been trying to restrain myself recently from spending money just for the sake of it and instead trying to use up all the many products I am hoarding in my room. I have used up 4 different products recently which are all different to each other.


The first is my trusty tub of Sudocrem. This has been my go to product over Winter for dry skin and I normally dab a bit on spots to reduce redness. I finished the tub this month and haven’t bought another as of yet as I’m introducing new products to my skin care regime and don’t want to overload my face on product.

The second is my Loreal Micellar water. I first read about Micellar water on some blogs early last year and decided to purchase some myself. I bought Loreal as it was on offer at the time in Asda and have since fallen in love with it. It is my new saviour for taking off my makeup after a long day at work. it refreshes my skin and leaves it feeling soft without stripping away my skin and making it look red and angry.

Thirdly I have used up my W7 Photo Shoot foundation. This has been a great find for me as I am a rather pale shade of white and struggle to find a pale enough foundation. I stumbled upon this one in B&M bargains of all places in their makeup bit. It was on offer for about £3.00 so I thought I would take a chance, and BOY have I been impressed. It has been pale enough not to give me dodgy lines but I have bought a new foundation in a Blog sale that I am going to try out for a while and will review later.

Lastly I used up my Phil Smith Big It Up conditioner. I have very thick hair so conditioner is vital to giving me the ability to even brush the stuff! I bought this when it was on offer and was impressed at the start of usage. However after using it for a while I have found it hasn’t so much “bigged up my hair” than left it a bit flat and lacklustre. Therefore I don’t plan on buying this one again as personally it didn’t suit my hair type.

Have you used up any products you could recommend to me recently? or send me your posts if you have done something similar!


Laura x

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Passion for Natural: review

I am a big fan of skin care products and am always looking for a new product to try out on my tempermental 24yr old skin. I have crazy skin that like any other girl/woman changes when their hormones are going wild. It absolutely frustrates me so much because I actually would love to not wear much makeup instead of having to cover up spots and blotches. I was contacted by the lovely people at Passion For Natural via twitter a couple of weeks ago about sending me some products to try out as they had seen my blog.

I was really intrigued by this company as they use natural ingredients including one of my favourites which is Aloe Vera. I don’t know about you but I always take an Aloe Vera gel aftersun on holiday with me and always have better looking skin when I use it. Therefore I was really happy to try these products and see what effect they had.


Passion for Natural sent me 2 products; the Aloe Vera Gel and the Aloe Vera Body Butter.The gel claims to be good for instant cooling relief to dry, irritated skin and the Body butter is for all over moisturising. I have been using the Body butter after a shower to moisturise and found it to be really good at giving me soft and supple skin. I have been using the Aloe Vera Gel on my face mainly as my skin has been über dry and irritated so I thought it would be a perfect match. The first few days I used the gel my skin felt and looked a lot healthier with a bit of a glow. After this thought it started to make my skin feel more dry. I think this was because I was just using it as I felt like it and it actually was drying my face out more. I have been alternating it with a cocoa butter moisturiser and found that this has been more effective at soothing my face.


Here is the official blurb from the website itself:

“Following our beliefs, we introduce you to Passion for Natural. A range of products that provide you with the wonderful active benefits of its natural components, delivered with elegance and satisfaction by using the finest materials available.

Here at Passion for Natural we have aimed to create the very best and most effective, modern skin care experience. Right from the start, our principles of product design were established and we were very clear in the way we wanted to achieve this. The main focus was our desire to utilise the very best elements nature had to offer, whilst adopting our responsibility to protect it and establishing opportunities where we can make a difference to our environmental impact.”

Overall I am really impressed with the products and will continue to use them in my routine. I will be definitely looking to purchase the products again in the future when I use these up.

have you tried any of Passion for natural’s products?


Laura x

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What do I like about me?

So February has been a month of telling that special someone how much you Love them and giving them a present/presents on Valentine’s day. I was set a challenge by the people at Pebble Grey Mirrors to concentrate on the things I like about none other than ME! I was a little bit apprehensive about the challenge when I first read it but needless to say I was up for taking part and actually taking the time to think about these things. They sent me a lovely Vanity Mirror to use for the challenge as well which I have been using lots lately.

FullSizeRender (1)

Where do you start without sounding like a full on paragraph about what you think is great or without trying to be negative? I started thinking about things I liked about myself as a person first of all. This was a tricky one because I tend to think more about negatives sometimes and can be very glass half empty. This is a trait I am trying to change and always look on the brighter side.


Here’s some facts about me personality wise:
I am very independent
I can be a joker although I can’t actually tell a joke without getting part of it wrong
I am a very focused person and will strive to achieve something when I set my mind to it
I am a chatterbox which is great for my job (although I am currently suffering with a sore throat due to this)
I don’t entertain fools and can be a bit quick to make that known sometimes.

It’s really hard to actually say whether or not I like all these things without sounding a bit self-obsessed or thinking that they should be the norm. What I will say is that I have little traits that I would love to control more like OCD or always saying Sorry when I have no reason to be. (for some reason that word has been embedded into my brain and it’s difficult to stop saying it!) I have lovely friends though and I doubt they would be my friends if they didn’t like my personality.


Now let’s move onto the physical!!!! Argh this is a painful one as like most people I have hang ups about myself and find it hard to say what I actually like. I have a slight hatred dislike for my nose! Yeah who doesn’t, but it has become more of a running joke now. It has a bit of a bump on it and it annoys me but I would never have surgery to fix it as it’s what makes me, ME!

My teeth are a good feature, as I had braces as a teenager and now they are lovely and straight which I am very proud of. I also quite like my hair although it’s in dire need of a haircut right now but I can’t decide on a style. It’s quite thick naturally which makes it good for styling and healthy looking.

I also am quite proud of my Cara-esque Brow Game that I have going on. I get asked a lot if they are shaded etc but alas they are all natural!!


I am growing to be more content with my shape. Like most girls/women especially I have had my ups and downs with my body and at 24 I am somewhat getting there. Believe me I have the odd day where I think I wish I was more curvy etc but actually I am happy with my shape and like being able to pick something off a clothes rail in the size i think I am and it generally fits.

I’ve had fun doing this challenge as it gave me a lot of time to think about how happy I am with me and yeah I have some hang ups but who doesn’t?? Hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into me.


Laura x

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