Second Time Lucky

So I saw recently that Ocean Finance were running a competition in order to win a dream experience in relation to a Second Time Lucky and was really intrigued to find out some more. I had a look on their website which showed the rules of the competition and the entries so far that had the most votes. I saw a lot of people talking about having to put their wedding off or not getting to go on a trip somewhere special and found it really heartwarming that a lot of people had missed out on special days or chances but now might get the chance to win their dream.

This spurred me to write my own blog post about a Second Time Lucky that I would love to have. My boyfriend and I work incredibly hard in our jobs in order to have a great future and be able to enjoy our life and hopefully start a family one day. Because we work so hard now, we sometimes miss out on things like trips because we are forever thinking “We should be saving this money, not spending!” A lot of people our age wouldn’t mind just spending the money or booking a trip but we are very money conscious right now and have to be strict.

My Second Time Lucky would be to treat my boyfriend to a city break somewhere we haven’t been in Europe (which is pretty much everywhere in Europe haha!) We have both talked about visiting somewhere like Amsterdam, Paris or Rome as we like a bit of history and culture and absolutely LOOOOVE food!!!

If we had the chance to go away somewhere I think it would be an amazing break and time together as we currently both live with our parents so time together is quiet precious. I would love to treat him to a nice hotel, good food and good wine, and also get to experience some good culture and see some sights. If we could go to a hotspot for food and have a few drinks in an amazing bar, we both would be over the moon. It’s also our 7 year anniversary this year after meeting at college at 17 so this would be a lovely way to celebrate it.


Rome photo was found on wikipedia – “Colosseum in Rome, Italy – April 2007” by Diliff – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Italy_-_April_2007.jpg#/media/File:Colosseum_in_Rome,_Italy_-_April_2007.jpg

 What do you think you would do if you could have your Second Time Lucky?

Don’t forget to check out the links above to the Ocean Finance website and enter their competition.


Laura x

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The Career Tag

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed this week that I have put pictures of good luck cards and flowers on there. You may have guessed that I have changed jobs this week and started a new and exciting role!


I’m not a big talker in regards to what I do for a living as I work for a huge company that some either will love or hate but what can you do? I have worked for the company for 5.5 years which at the age of 19, I don’t think I could have seen myself still there.

I work in a customer facing job and am on the front line facing the public. I have been working towards a new job role for the last 12 months and have been to 7 (YES 7) different interviews to try to progress. Now the only thing I can say to this is I am persistent haha! Each and every interview had its ups and downs but it only made me more determined to get the role I wanted. I have been training to be a Manager and finally 2.5 weeks ago I was offered a Junior Manager position! How amazing. It’s a secondment opportunity for the next 11 months to cover maternity leave but I am absolutely thrilled to get the chance to do it finally.

My aim is to use this experience to get my next role so that in 11 months, I don’t need to go back to my old role. As much as I loved my old role and the team I worked with, I am embracing a change and ready to move on up that career ladder. I am 24 so I still have time to progress but I have set myself my own personal deadlines to achieve these things and I don’t give up easily.


I will be keeping you up-to-date over the year with my progress and seeing where this new role takes me, and maybe one day I will let you know a bit more about my job.

Have any of you achieved a job that is a stepping stone to something greater?

Laura x

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My Mascara Collection: the results

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about My Mascara Collection and how I am trying to use up all my various products etc before buying any new ones. It’s a way to clear some space in my storage and also spend less money hopefully. I wrote that I would do a post about the results of each mascara and which 1 was my current favourite to use, so here are the results. Please excuse my unruly eyebrows, they seemed to go insane as the pictures went on.

First up, the naked eye…

FullSizeRender (11)

Next we have the lashes using W7 Flirty eyes mascara…

FullSizeRender (10)

Then I used the Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Holidays mascara…

FullSizeRender (12)

Next up is the Rimmel Kate mascara…

FullSizeRender (12)

Using Maybelline Falsies mascara…

FullSizeRender (13)

And lastly the Soap & Glory Thick & fast mascara…

FullSizeRender (15)


I will admit it is quite hard to pick a favourite as they all come out quite differently. I would probably use the Maybelline or the Bourjois for a night out or meal etc. I have been using the W7 for day-to-day wear but I might start using the Soap & glory mascara instead as I love the results. Hope you have enjoyed reading this little results post.


Laura x

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