May has Arrived

Where has this year gone?? We are already in May and the first 4 months of the year have just flown. It only feels like yesterday when I was enjoying a glass of bubbly ringing in the New Year! I wanted to do a bit of recap post and update you on everything in Laura’s world!


So my buying a house plans have gone a little awry and I haven’t been as focused at trawling Rightmove and Zoopla like I used to. I have a decent deposit saved up so my plan for May is to find my first home, no excuses!

I started a new job in March with the same company and am loving it. It’s a bit stressful at times but I am learning so much that it’s definitely worth it.

I booked my flights to New Zealand to go visit my Auntie in Auckland in November. Yes it’s about 6 months away but I actually can’t wait to go and spend some time with them and see some of the other side of the world! Get ready for a countdown that will probably start in a couple of months haha!

My blog has been really busy and I have been working with some great brands/companies and it is only going from strength to strength. I want to thank all you lovely readers for helping me with this and making me want to write more and better posts. Yesterday (April 30th) I will have gone to my first blogger event and will be sharing photos and details with you in the next week or 2.

Yes my plans haven’t gone totally to schedule but it has been a crazy and fast 4 months so far and I don’t doubt the rest of the year will follow suit. Thanks to all the lovely people in my life who are always there for me, and the readers who take the time to read my posts. Keep you eyes peeled for lots more posts this month and leave me a comment if you just want to say Hi!

Thanks again

Laura x

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My Current Random Favourites

I have been posting about beauty a fair bit recently, which strangely, I never intended my blog to be around this subject. I have somehow found myself absorbed into the beauty world which I love because I do love makeup and skin care – like a lot! I decide I would do a random favourites post of non-beauty things that I have been loving at the moment.


First up I love my notebook! Yes it’s a very standard black notebook that cost me £2.50 from Sainsbury’s but I write down blog post ideas in there, notes that I need to remember (mainly at silly times of night) and all sorts of weird and wonderfullness that just pops into my brain.

I have also been loving my mints and gum from Peppersmith Mints. They are so different and currently I am on the Lemon flavour. They are so yummy and help keep my breath smelling lovely especially at work speaking to customers every day.

Next up I am loving my book Geek Girl. I won this fab book in a bloggers competition and have spent the last few days reading it and am enjoying the story. I won’t lie, it wouldn’t be my first choice off the bookshelf but i am enjoying reading it and am looking forward to finishing it off.

Lastly I have been enjoying my Beanies Coffee flavours. I am just about to polish off the chocolate orange which is lush, and have moved onto the Amaretto Almond. I absolutely love almond flavours and this coffee is no exception. I drink a normal coffee on the morning but these flavours certainly perk up my day.

I will be doing a post like this every so often hopefully but I have plenty of ideas stashed in that notebook to keep my going for a while. have you done a random’s post like this?

Send me your links in the comments

Laura x

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Brainwavz Headphones: a review*

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to receive some new headphones from Brainwavz to try out. I’m always looking at headphones in duty-free at the airport and wondering whether they are worth the money or not, and generally stick to my iPhone headphones. The problem with this is when the headphones break down a bit from wear and tear, I have no idea what I am looking at in terms of quality etc.


I was over the moon to get these lovely headphones to try out and help me decide whether to ditch my iPhone headphones and take the plunge with this new pair. The Brainwavz S1 Over the Ear headphones came in a fab little case with all the bits and pieces tucked nicely inside. They came with an airplane adapter which will come in very handy for my travels this year, 6 silicone tips for replacing the top of the headphones, a carry case and several other types of tips to use. Not gonna lie to you all, I was taken aback with the amount of tips there are but I am confident when I use them some more, I will know which ones work best in my ears.


I have been using them here and there for listening to my music on my phone and swapped them every couple of days with the normal iPhone headphones. I have been really impressed with the quality of the sound of the music that comes through them. I worry that they will be too loud or even too quiet but these are great for sound and pitch quality. The carry case that everything neatly tucks inside is great for just sticking in your handbag or even your pocket as it doesn’t take up a lot of room.


I have been having a pretty chilled day today trying not to spend any money at the moment so spent the day blogging and catching up on Once Upon A Time on Netflix! I had my headphones in listening to music at one point and they are super comfy and I can definitely see myself wearing them on the plane or out walking. Overall I am really impressed with the quality of the Brainwavz S1 headphones and at a price of £37.00 on Amazon at the moment they are a fabulous purchase as well.

Do you own any other headphones that you could recommend to me?

Hope you liked my post? Here is the direct link to the Amazon product:

Laura x

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