Makeup revolution: The Go Palette

Last week I did a review post about the Makeup Revolution Go to the City palette. I thought I would do another one about one of their other palette’s, the lovely Go Palette.

Like the Go to the city Palette, it has two lovely blusher colours, a highlighter and six eyeshadows shades. This palette is a softer one with light and neutral shades that would suit even the palest of skins, like mine. I am nicknamed Casper in my family because of my whiter than white shade so bold colours don’t look fantastic on me without blending them first.


I think the blusher and highlighter colours are lovely and peachy toned which I have swatched below along with the eyeshadow shades. These are also a metallic hue which range from soft to a smokey look. The palette is on sale on the makeup revolution website for a bargain £3.99. I had a look in my local superdrug to see if it also featured in there but the store hasnt got a very big selection of makeup revolution products so I love the website due to its huge range.


I would recommend all the products I have tried so far from makeup revolution which have included the Palette’s the primer and the matte foundation and a couple of their lipsticks.

What products have you tried that you love from their range?


Laura x

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Comb: A Shopper’s dream App

About a week or 2 ago I was a part of a #FBlogger chat about a new Fashion App called Comb. I was really intrigued to download it and find out a bit more. It’s really simple to use which is amazing because I do not count myself as a tech savvy person and always avoid downloading many apps as I normally hate working them out.

Once you have created an account on the app which you can do by linking it to your facebook, you can start straight away. The idea is that you can take a picture of whatever you fancy whether it’s a pattern, a piece of clothing or a picture and the app will literally “Comb” for similar items of clothing. You can then break it down to a category i.e. dress, tops, trousers and so on.


Once you have taken a picture it will comb through and bring up the matches like below. I took a picture of a texture on my jumper and it brought up similar items. The prices will range from affordable to designer high end stuff which when I win the lottery, I will be snapping up in a hurry.


Now here for the techy bit from the people behing the app:

“You might be wondering how this super cool app works, well the software behind the app was created at the Imperial College from a team of computer scientists with more PHDs than we have handbags! The company behind the software,Cortexica, also power the apps of some of the worlds biggest retailers, like Macy’s, Zalando, and – their software has been called the Shazam of Fashion!”

I would throughly recommend this app to anyone who has those moments where they see something or like a pattern and want to know where there are similar items out there. It’s free to download so get moving people!


Laura x

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La Roche Posay – Introducing it to my skin

For quite some time I have been noticing La Roche Posay being mentioned by a lot of other bloggers as part of their skincare routine. There have been a lot of great reviews about this brand and I thought I would give it a go. Off I went to Boots after finishing work and browsed the shelves for the lovely blue and white packaging.

I picked up 2 products; The Astringent lotion and the Effaclar Duo. The first product aims to tighten and block pores and the Effaclar corrects the appearance of imperfections, unclogs blocked pores and fights against marks.


I am only a few days in of using them as part of my skincare routine so I am just seeing how it goes at the moment. My skin does feel smoother and since I have been using it, I haven’t noticed any more spots appearing which is fabulous. I do feel like the skin around my spots has tightened as well and looks healthier. I am not expecting miracles and do not expect my skin to clear up in a matter of days but I will be doing a follow post in about a week to talk about how my skin looks and feels.

Have you tried any other products for spot prone skin that have worked?


Laura x

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