My M&S Beauty Collection

If any of you read My Mascara Collection post a couple of weeks ago, you will know that I am trying to use up the vast majority of my beauty and skin care products before spending more money on new ones. I have gained a huge collection from christmas gifts and things I have bought on a whim so I need to have a proper sort out and try to use some up. This post is about my M&S collection of beauty products, all of which I received as a gift at christmas.

The collection contains 3 different eau de toilette’s, 3 bath oils and 3 body lotions. The are centred around 3 different scents; Azure, New York and Isis (I know, there was some media attention around the 3rd one when it came out). I have been using the Azure one up first perfume wise but I need to start making use of the other lovely products as well.

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The Azure fragrance has a very fruity spring scent to it which is why I have been mainly using this one lately as it’s a lovely fresh scent. The New York fragrance is very sultry and would make a perfect scent for a date night. It’s sweet yet not overly fruity or floral, I really like this one as well. The Isis fragrance is more floral with a bit of spice and again a lovely scent. I would definitely use all 3 scents and can’t wait to make use of the bath oils and body lotions as well.

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I will be aiming to use these up as soon as possible without wasting them and will be posting more about my collections as we go so keep your eyes peeled.


Laura x

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Buckley London Bracelet’s

The lovely people over at Buckley London gifted me some bracelets recently to enjoy and share with my lovely readers. I applied for the gift via Bloggers Love Hub and was over the moon when I received an email telling me I was fortunate enough to be picked. I picked a stack of bracelets as my gift and was very excited when my new wrist bling arrived.

FullSizeRender (3)

I chose the Sparkle Mesh Bracelet’s which come in a stack of 3 for £24.99. Individually the price tag on each bracelet states £10.00 so the stack is an absolute bargain. Each bracelet has a slight stretch meaning you can get it on which is good because my first impression was “How am I going to put that on?” All 3 bracelet’s have a charm on them and I have to admit my favourite one is the Rose Gold bracelet. The charm on it is so pretty which makes it even more attractive. When all 3 are on though, the bracelets look so good together and I will definitely be wearing them day to day.

FullSizeRender (5)FullSizeRender (4)

What do you think of these lovely bracelet’s? Have you got any items from Buckley that you love?


Laura x

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My Recent Empties

I’ve been noticing a lot of these posts on other amazing blogs and thought I would have a go at one myself. I have been trying to restrain myself recently from spending money just for the sake of it and instead trying to use up all the many products I am hoarding in my room. I have used up 4 different products recently which are all different to each other.


The first is my trusty tub of Sudocrem. This has been my go to product over Winter for dry skin and I normally dab a bit on spots to reduce redness. I finished the tub this month and haven’t bought another as of yet as I’m introducing new products to my skin care regime and don’t want to overload my face on product.

The second is my Loreal Micellar water. I first read about Micellar water on some blogs early last year and decided to purchase some myself. I bought Loreal as it was on offer at the time in Asda and have since fallen in love with it. It is my new saviour for taking off my makeup after a long day at work. it refreshes my skin and leaves it feeling soft without stripping away my skin and making it look red and angry.

Thirdly I have used up my W7 Photo Shoot foundation. This has been a great find for me as I am a rather pale shade of white and struggle to find a pale enough foundation. I stumbled upon this one in B&M bargains of all places in their makeup bit. It was on offer for about £3.00 so I thought I would take a chance, and BOY have I been impressed. It has been pale enough not to give me dodgy lines but I have bought a new foundation in a Blog sale that I am going to try out for a while and will review later.

Lastly I used up my Phil Smith Big It Up conditioner. I have very thick hair so conditioner is vital to giving me the ability to even brush the stuff! I bought this when it was on offer and was impressed at the start of usage. However after using it for a while I have found it hasn’t so much “bigged up my hair” than left it a bit flat and lacklustre. Therefore I don’t plan on buying this one again as personally it didn’t suit my hair type.

Have you used up any products you could recommend to me recently? or send me your posts if you have done something similar!


Laura x

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