Sebamed Skin Care Review*

You will know by now that I am a big fan of skin care. Not because I love going au natural and flaunting silky smooth skin, but because I have hormonal spotty skin and I am always on the look out for new products that might help me out. It currently feels like I get rid of one spot and another appears. God forbid I can go 1 whole week without a ridiculous breakout!!!

1 month ago I was taking part in the #BHTWITTERPARTY from The Bloggers Hub and was introduced to a new brand called Sebamed. They do a huge range of products but offered a clear skin range which definitely stood out to me. I received my products to try about a week later and started the task of shaping up my skin.


I started by using the cleansing bar with some warm water, popping some toner on a cotton pad and then finishing it off with the clear skin gel on the problem areas. I repeated the process for the next few days and then disaster struck! I had a bit of a reaction to something and my face was super red and itchy and I had little bumps on my face. I had noticed the cleansing bar left my face quite tight but persisted to see if it was my face reacting to the initial new products.


As you can imagine, I was worried as to what had set my face off and stopped using any new products on my face at that point and went on to using aloe gel and propolis gel. My face cleared up after a few days but I couldn’t pinpoint what thing had triggered the reaction and haven’t used any of the products since then.

I didn’t stick to me 28 day plan and was gutted that I had a reaction but I have a new plan and wanted to let you know I am still going to test some of the products out but on a new 28 day plan. I will substitute the cleansing bar as it really doesn’t work for my sensitive skin, for my current Kiehls cleansing wash. I will then use the toner and the gel to see if they work for my skin.

I really want to give the products a go and give a better quality review of them so I plan to write another post in June letting you know my exact findings. I hope the lovely people at Sebamed understand my review for now and I am not disregarding all the products, just the cleansing bar at this point in time. I would say if you have super sensitive skin like me then it might not work for you but it is always worth trying something out.

Come back and check out my follow-up review in June.

Laura x

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My Dream Living Room*

As you are all aware from several tweets/blog posts, I am currently attempting to get my foot on the ladder and buy my first home at the age of 24! Needless to say I am saving my hardest to get the best deposit together that I can and that sometimes means going without new clothes etc, but I know it will pay off when I have my own home.

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time combing Pinterest for home inspiration and browsing shops for bits and pieces that slowly seem to be mounting up. One area that I always fantasize about would be the living room/lounge as that’s where I picture myself cosied up watching endless amounts of Netflix and eating salad Sweets & Crisps!!! I have been browsing shops in the last few months and stumbled upon Rodgers of York. When I say stumbled, I knew it was there but I always anticipated that everything they stocked would be way out of my price range. I was pleasantly surprised when I realised that they have a fantastic range and so much of it is affordable for a first time buyer like myself. I have decided to create a moodboard of my fantasy living room using some of the fab collection from Rodgers of York as well as some other homewares that I love.

First up I created a Neutral Inspired moodboard with a gorgeous cream sofa with soft yellow and grey furnishings. I selected wood flooring in a grey colour as I think it really compliments the colours of the furniture and the wallpaper etc. All the items can be found at Rodgers of York from some of the amazing suppliers that they stock in store.


I decided to create a second moodboard with a more country/checked feel to it. I would love this in my home with lots of stag print cushions etc. I already have a model stag head which was a gift for christmas last year and can’t wait to buy my home so I can put it up.


Once again, all the products are stocked through Rodgers of York and I absolutely love all the dark hues. I adore the pale wallpaper with the world print on it like a treasure map, this is something I would love in my home. The sofa looks super comfy and with some pale wool cushions on there or terracotta, I think it would make it even comfier.

So needless to say, I spent a fair amount of time trudging around Rodgers earlier this year getting lots and lots of inspiration. I even went up and down the carpet section checking them all out! Normally I’m not a fan of home or DIY shopping but since I have buying my home top of my agenda at the moment then it seems fitting to spend lots of time browsing the shops! If you haven’t been to Rodgers of York before then I suggest checking this lovely place out. It’s located at Monks Cross in York and from the outside doesn’t look that big but it’s a real Tardis inside and has sooo much for you to choose from.

I am also loving block wooden furniture at the moment like dining sets etc and if you are looking for some fab pieces then check out the Trade Furniture Company who have some fabulous wooden pieces with some great Indian inspired furniture.

I hope you liked my home inspiration. Have you done any moodboards like this recently?

Laura x

*this post was written in collaboration with Rodgers of York*


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National Smile Month*

If you aren’t already aware, week commencing 18th May 2015 is the start of National Smile Month. This post is coming to you just a couple of days after the start of this lovely month of toothy grins and pearly whites. I have shared with you all before that I like to take care of my teeth and went through a couple of painful years of wearing train track braces in order to sort my teeth out.

I was contacted to work with The Centre for Advanced Dentistry whom I have worked with before talking about whiter smiles and this can be found HERE! There are some big brands who are working with the British Dental Health Foundation to bring us more information during National Smile Month including Oral-B, Wrigley, Philips Sonicare and Boots.

The aim of National Smile Month is to promote better Oral healthcare so we have better teeth and let’s face it, the outcome would be fewer trips to the dentist and less money spent on fixing teeth problems. One thing I always get told every time I go to the dentist is to floss more. I will admit to living up to this for a couple of months and then getting complacent again and forgetting. One thing I am learning from National Smile Month is to start flossing again in order to keep my teeth and gums in healthy condition.


It’s super important to look after your teeth. I won’t lie I meet people and look at their teeth a lot and can’t help but think sometimes they would look nicer if their teeth were in better condition. It’s awful that I do that, but I would hate if someone looked at me and thought eurgh, her teeth are disgusting! It sounds extremely vain but after having braces for years, I realise how important my teeth are to me.


The Centre for Advanced Dentistry offers a number os different treatments like Orthodontics, Whitening, Dentures and even replacement teeth if you were missing one for example. If you don’t already look after your teeth then check out their website or the National Smile Month website to find out more about keeping you teeth and gums in tip-top condition.


I hope you liked this post and it has urged you to take better care of your teeth if you don’t already.

Laura x

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