Recent Empties

Last month I decided to make my recent empties a regular monthly feature on my blog and May‘s empties does not disappoint. I feel like I used up a fair few products last month and it’s helping me with my no spend/use up challenge I set myself earlier in the year. I used up 5 different products this month, ranging from hair, teeth, drinks and fragrance.


First up I finished a bottle of Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp. These bottles are giant and always take ages to use up. I normally use a sensitive scalp or itchy scalp shampoo because my scalp is very sensitive and certain shampoos give me problems. I like this one but I found it a bit too harsh on my scalp and won’t be buying it again if I’m honest.

Next up was a Touch of Silver travel size shampoo. I got this as a stocking filler at Christmas but only recently put the blonde back through my hair so felt it appropriate to start using it to help brighten the blonde and keep the colour vibrant. I love this purple shampoo and will definitely be purchasing it again in the future. The purple tones help stop the blonde from looking brassy or yellowed.

I have been using a whitening toothpaste recently to keep my teeth looking wonderful and picked up the Arm & Hammer Extra White baking soda toothpaste a couple of months ago. At first use it has a weird taste due to the baking soda in it but I wouldn’t change toothpaste now as I find this one is perfect from keeping teeth stain free and shiny.

I got a set of M&S fragrances at Christmas as well and have been trying to use them up as I got quite a few in the set. The first one I have finished is the ISIS fragrance and it has a lovely fragrance to it. I don’t think I would rush out to buy anymore though as I prefer the New York fragrance in this range a lot more and will stick to that one in the future but it’s a lovely and fresh floral scent.

Now onto something non-beauty, a jar of the lovely Chocolate Orange Beanies Coffee. I love a good cup of coffee or something posher like a cappuccino or mocha but I will admit to being rather dubious of these flavours at first. The chocolate orange flavour is absolutely divine and I am deeply upset that I have finished the jar now, however I have a couple more to try out and am very excited after loving this one so much.


Have you finished any products lately that you loved/hated?

Hope you enjoyed

Laura x

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Fathers Day Gift Guide with IWOOT*

It is less than a month until Father’s day and much like Mother’s day, we panic buy or buy things that our Mum’s or Dad’s actually stuff in their cupboards or re-gift to someone else at Christmas because it’s nothing they would ever use/want. In collaboration with, I decided to put together a selection of some unique gift ideas for the men in your lives all in preparation for June 21st otherwise known as Father’s Day.


First up is the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Metal Construction Kit. This would suit the man who has everything but loves putting things together or fixing things. Thing Airfix but in metal form and thoroughly on the bandwagon of the Star Wars hype right now building for the release of the new film. It is a bargain £9.99 or in the 3 for £20 section and once put together, looks incredible. They have a few others in the same construction kit range including a R2-D2 and fighter planes.


Next up is a pair of Port Sipper Glasses for the classic gentleman in your life. These retail for £8.99 and again feature in the 3 for £20 range that has to offer. These are really traditional and it is said that by sipping from the bottom of the glass using the spout like this, it gives your port a much better taste. I know someone who would love these as Port is always an after dinner tipple of choice in their household.


Last up for the man who loves gadgets or music is this fab Amp Smartphone Speaker. I can’t find the exact one on the website anymore but they have a really similar one here. The sound quality on these speakers is fab when connected to your phone and as it’s quite small you could pack it for a camping trip or trip away for sharing music.


They have tons of other gift ideas, but these were just a few of my favourites. Check out the full Fathers Day Gift selection on now and find your perfect gift. To help save you some money have created a special Vouchercodes page on their site which stops you trawling the web for savings and instead getting them direct from the website themselves.

If you haven’t checked out before then I thoroughly recommend their great site.

Hope you got some good ideas from this post 🙂

Laura x

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Bakerdays Review*

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays and asked whether I wanted to try out one of their fantastic Letterbox cakes. Any mention of the word cake and I’m game! I was and still am really impressed with the concept of the Letterbox cake. The Bakerdays mantra for their Letterbox cake is:

“You can’t always be there to share a special occasion with a friend or
loved one. But you can let them know you¹re thinking of them by sending
something which is personalised and therefore unique.”

I was given the option of choosing my own photo for the cake, or to choose one of the options on their website. I chose a photo of my cousin Cameron, my brother & I which had been taken only 1 month ago when we were reunited in East Kilbride, Scotland. My cousin lives in New Zealand so the picture is really special as we don’t have many of us together. I then waited for my cake to be created and delivered through the post, and here is what arrived.


The cake is 5 inches and fits perfectly through the letterbox and gives 3-4 servings. It comes in a pretty tin and they sent me a little card which could have a message written in it, some love heart sweets and a leaflet with some information about Bakerdays in it. It smelt divine when you opened the tin and as a fan of icing, I love the sickly sweet smell that it has.


The picture looked fab as you can see from the picture above and when you cut into it, there was a lovely moist chocolate sponge cake. I was worried it might be dry inside as Bakerdays claim that it stays fresh for 14 days and we ate ours about 4/5 days after it arrived, but I was super surprised by how soft and moist it stayed and was incredibly yummy to eat.

The letterbox cake start from £14.99 and is a fab service to send something personalised to a family member or friend. The delivery was efficient and nothing was damaged when it got to me, so again top marks to Bakerdays for their packaging and design ideas.

I would definitely use Bakerdays again in the future as it is such a unique idea for a gift, and they really impressed me with my chosen cake.


Laura x


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