Yves Rocher Perfume: oh so pretty!

In case you haven’t noticed from my twitter feed, I love a good competition. I started entering them back in September 2013 as a bit of fun and to kill some boredom one day but it has become a bit of a habit now that I can’t really break. I have been lucky enough to win some lovely prizes over the last 18 months and always enter things I would like myself as a general rule of thumb. I read about some crazy people who enter everything possible even though they won’t need half of it.

I entered a couple of bloggers competitions this year and was very fortunate enough to win a bottle of perfume from Yves Rocher. I was very excited as it is a brand I have heard of but never had the good fortune to try any of their products and wouldn’t know where to start really. The perfume I won is Le Parfum Comme Une Evidence. It came in a really square box but when i pulled the bottle out, I was so pleased with how it looked.


The bottle is super pretty and has a very french sophisticated feel to it with a pink effect to it all. The smell is also something else. I am always wary of new fragrances in case they don’t agree with me but this one is lovely. very musky sensual smell which I really like. I don’t like perfumes that are too sweet and sickly smelling. This one is fab and I will use it time and again I know for sure.


I think this fragrance would be ideal for a special occasion or a nice meal. I don’t think I would wear it day-to-day for work as I wear a very fresh floral scent for work but I love the perfume and having looked at their website, I love a lot of their products as well. I may have to indulge in a little spending soon once I achieve my clear out of other products first.


I hope you enjoyed this little perfume review post. Let me know if you have tried this perfume out or any of the other Yves Rocher fragrances…


Laura x

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I am always on the lookout for new brands or companies that may have something to offer me in terms of new products and although I have heard of Zest Beauty before, I have never delved into what they offer. Having come across their website one day and seeing their brand on The Blogger Programme, I decided to create a wish list post about my #ZestMustHaves and what I wish I could splurge money on.

PicMonkey Collage

Phytomer CC cream // Elemis pro Radiance Flash balm // Dermalogica Concealing Spot treatment // Medik8 Clay mask // Australian Tea Tree Oil // Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

I decided to pick all skin care product’s although if I had lots of money I would purchase most of their site. I have really problematic skin and it annoys me so much but sometimes it’s like anything I try has no effect whatsoever. The products on the site are very affordable but are what I would consider luxury brands as well. I also selected the Burt’s Bees as I love their products and the tin is fab. My friend let me try her Elemis Flash Balm before Christmas and I loved it but haven’t got round to getting any for myself. The Phytomer, Dermalogica and Medik8 are brands I have wanted to try for so long and the tea tree oil is just something I reckon is really handy to have as a beauty back up.

I love Zest Beauty and these products are definitely my #ZestMustHaves. Go and check their site out before you miss out on some absolute bargain beauty buys.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Laura x

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My Recent Empties

I posted last month about the products I had used up and what I made of them. I have decided to make this a regular feature on my blog as I endeavour to use up all the mountains of products I have accumulated before purchasing many new things. Slowly I am managing to use up things and haven’t spent much money on anything new. Look out for my post next week about what I have been spending my money on recently. So here we go with March’s empty products. They are a bit of a mish mash of things but I don’t always want to base it around beauty products.


First up I used the last of my Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream foundation in Light. I love this product and have found it gives me great coverage even if I’m having a bad skin day. I always have this as my go to product so I am sad that I have used it up and do intend to buy this one again but I am trying to use up my many other foundations at the moment.

Next up I used L’oreal Casting creme Gloss Sunkiss Jelly which is a hair lightening product. I purchased this back in September after having my hair chopped off and missing the ombre in my hair. I took it to Mexico with me and used it every few days to lighten the bottom of my hair. It had a fab result and I was really impressed with the product itself after costing me a mere £5.99 from Boots. I would buy this again but I have a new kit to try out this week so I will be posting about it to show you the results.

I have many a body cream so finishing one-off is an achievement itself. I have used up the Sanctuary Spa Body Butter which I received as part of a set at Christmas. It is a lovely smelling luxury product that has left my skin soft and supple. I am sad to have finished this one-off but I literally scraped the tub and can’t possibly squeeze any more out. I will be giving my review of another one soon from another brand so keep your eyes peeled.

Lastly, I used up my tube of Berocca Tropical energy supplements. These have been my go to for keeping my energy up as I have been bogged down with colds and throat problems lately and was pretty sick of being ill. I normally try to keep a pack of these in the house all the time but haven’t been organised lately and got anymore. They are packed full of Vitamins B & C as well as minerals so are really good for you as well. I will definitely be buying these beauties again.

That’s all for my March empties this time and keep a look out for this piece every month as I keep you updated on what I have been using and how I rate it. I have lots of posts coming up in the next few weeks which are rather exciting and give you a real insight into my life so please comment if you have any thoughts of questions.


Laura x 

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