How to turn your Bathroom into an in House Spa

If you have been reading my blog, you will have seen that last week I did a collaboration piece with Rogers of York around my inspiration for a living room. Needless to say I have been inspired to write about some more rooms in my dream house; starting with the bathroom and how to make it feel more like a home-spa. I was reading an article from the Better Decorating Bible which inspired me to write my own cheap and chic version of how to make your bathroom more like a spa.

I don’t know about you but while I have been viewing houses etc, every bathroom I have walked into has felt the same, and just like the last bathroom I viewed. This has been because a few of them have been new builds and every bathroom looks identical anyway but normally they are just functional and not homely like the rest of your domain. I think a few touches in a bathroom would make it feel like a plush home spa and somewhere you would love to go and relax to pamper yourself.

First up I would furnish a bathroom with a cabinet of some fashion but I’m not a huge fan of those cabinets that fix onto the wall. My choice would be this John Lewis Jakarta Bathroom Caddy at £75.00. It’s not the cheapest you can find on the John Lewis website and they have a vast range but it is my favourite and looks amazingly chic just like a proper spa.

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When it comes to accessories I have narrowed it down to 2 different styles which obviously would depend on the style you are going for in your bathroom. The first is a George at Asda Natural Sandstone set with items starting from as little as £4.00 and the second is a George at Asda Quilted effect accessories kit starting as little as £3.00. Both sets would look awesome in a bathroom and give it more of a luxurious feel.

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Now I will admit to being a bit of a fusspot and mirrors are no exception. I hate mirrors with stuff all over them or sparkly bits etc, and when I get my own house, my bathroom will have a simple mirror but that would look good in a spa. My favourite is the Bloomingville square copper mirror from Next but its more on the expensive side again at £69. I have found a slightly different copper mirror from Oliver Bonas which is the round hanging mirror costing £35.00.

950-595-X55s 944434_oliver-bonas_homeware_round-copper-hanging-mirror

There are plenty more things you could add to your bathroom to make it more like a home spa however I am wary having walked into some house viewings and the bathroom is over filled with stuff, that too many accessories could make it look busy. I like a bathroom to look clean but also somewhere where I could relax when I need to.

I hope you liked my bathroom post and I will be doing some more rooms in the house in the next month so keep your eyes peeled. Don’t forget to check out the Better Decorating Bible page for inspiration and the UK Bathrooms website for furniture and other bathroom items.

Laura x

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Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel*

A few months ago I received a fab bottle of vitamin C serum to try from Instanatural and you can see my previous review here. About a month ago I got asked if I would like to try out another of the products in their skin care range; this time the Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel.

I received the bottle directly from Amazon and found it to be really light as the packaging is plastic, whereas the serum came in a glass bottle so was quite heavy when it arrived in the post. I firstly swatched the product on the back of my hand to do a patch test and make sure it didn’t react with my skin etc. (I have learnt my lesson from last time I had a reaction!)


The gel cream is a funny brown caramel colour and looks a bit gritty when you stare at the blob on your hand. It also has a rather funny smell to it which admittedly you do get used to when you have been using the gel for a couple of weeks. The only way I can describe the smell is that of green tea meets burnt caramel; a strange concoction but like I say, you do get used to it.


I have been using the gel for a few weeks and have noticed a difference on my skin. I mainly have been using it on my face and had quite a few marks from previous blemishes and breakouts. The pigmentation and marks have faded quite a bit which I have been really impressed with and I have actually felt more confident wearing minimal makeup for the first time in ages.

I am going to continue using this product as I have had a small breakout on my forehead this week and do not want it to leave any marks etc. I will featuring another one of Instanatural’s fabulous products in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

I would definitely recommend the Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel to anyone looking to visibly reduce marks or scars especially if bio-oil or another product similar hasn’t worked for you.


Laura x

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Afternoon Tea: The Baby Shower Edition

Last month I attended a baby shower for my friend Leila who is due to have her baby in July. It was a surprise baby shower and had been organised for about a month by another friend called Laura and Leila’s lovely mum. The theme for the shower was Afternoon tea (my first ever afternoon tea) and was held at The Star Inn the City, York.

We all arrived around 1:45pm-2pm and the mother-to-be arrived about 2:15pm and was massively surprised by the whole affair and couldn’t believe how many of us had come and surprised her. Laura and Leila’s mum had decorated the area with balloons and lots of confetti baby feet as well as banners. Leila’s mum had made the most incredible cake and cake pops in blue and pink for us to all enjoy. There was a table for the cake and baby shower games and then a second table for all the presents for the mum-to-be and baby Pedro! (the sex of the baby is still unknown and nor will the baby actually be called Pedro, it’s the bump’s nickname, but I am still holding out for Pedro as the middle name if it’s a boy)


If you have never been to the Star Inn the City York before, it’s an amazing little restaurant tucked in the Museum gardens in the city centre. It has an incredible interior and a fantastic outside area which was jam-packed the day we went as the weather was fantastic. We all sat down to tuck into an amazing afternoon tea spread which came on a wooden board and included 4 different sandwiches cut into little triangles, a super rich chocolate brownie, a scone with fresh cream and jam and a little chocolate tart that was mint chocolate and tasted like an aero. It was gorgeous.


We then kicked off the baby games with guess the size of the bump, guess the weight/sex etc of the baby (winner still unknown as baby not born yet), match the celebs to their offspring and guess how many jelly babies in the jar. I won the jelly babies game and got to take home all of the jelly babies. It was immense taking 110 sweets home with me 🙂 After all of this we got to see Leila opening all of her amazing presents which she was thrilled with and then headed home with sweets and cake pops in hand.

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Needless to say I loved my cake pop and the whole day was so much fun. I would definitely recommend the Star Inn the City again for something like this or even just a meal as the service was fab on the day and the food; delicious!

Hope you enjoyed my review of Star Inn the City’s Afternoon tea.

Laura x

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