Fun Food Products: An Introduction

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely chap called Steven from Fun Food Products to talk about their company and site. They offered to send me one of their fun products to try out and I chose their Halogen Popcorn Maker.


Their incredible product range includes:
Chocolate Fountains
Candy floss Makers
Waffle Makers
Popcorn Makers
Snowcone Makers
Pizza makers
and sooo many more its insane. I had no idea there were so many exciting food making products like these out there.

I have yet to use my popcorn maker because I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work etc but it’s number 1 on my to-do list. Once I have used it, I will be writing a follow-up review of how it worked and lots more pictures etc. I wanted to introduce you lovely lot to this fantastic company first and foremost, as if I’m honest, I had never heard of them before they contacted me.

If these kind of products are your cup of tea then hop over to and check out their huge range of items. Keep your eyes peeled for my follow-up post in the next couple of weeks.

Laura x

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Magnitone Lucid 28 day review

Way back at the beginning of May I wrote about my 7 day review of the Magnitone Lucid brush and at the time, I saw a bit of improvement but in my opinion, 7 days to test something is not long enough. I decided that I would do a full review of the cleansing brush over 28 days and show you guys the results so you could decide if it was worth buying for yourself.

As per my first review of this brush I am going to share some pretty gruesome makeup free snaps of my face after using the brush. I took the snaps every Sunday without fail and was pretty impressed with the results myself when I look back at the snaps over the 4 weeks. So here we go…





As you can see, my skin was pretty spotty at the start of the 4 weeks and I genuinely thought there was no way the Magnitone Lucid would improve my skin. After the 1st week I saw a lot less redness on my skin and not many new blemishes were appearing. This just seemed to improve over the 4 weeks and as you can see from the last post, my skin cleared up immensely.

I used my Magnitone Lucid brush with my Kiehls Calendula cleanser every day before bed and then used a Toner and moisturiser before bed. I missed the odd day using the brush and definitely noticed it, as my skin then flared up a bit after that. Needless to say I would be a bit lost without this fantastic brush now and have been really impressed with the results of my skin now.

If you think the Magnitone brush is for you then check ou my 20% discount code exclusively for my readers:

Discount code: LauraF20
Click HERE to buy your own:

I hope you like my 28 day review of the Magnitone Lucid Brush and it inspires you to buy your own.

Laura x

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My Favourite Lip Savers

I know better than most people, the problems of having dry cracked lips. Unfortunately they always tend to strike when we least expect it; WINTER (because we convince ourselves we won’t have the same problem like last year), On HOLIDAY (because we forget that Air-conditioning is on attack mode!)

I will be first to admit to suffering like many during both the above periods of the year and odd periods during the rest of the year. I try to have something handy in my handbag i.e.lipsalve but normally I have taken it out when I’m sorting my bag (clearing out the reams of receipts etc), because I always have bright ideas like that!

I decided to share my favourite products with you, and as you will see, I am slowly collecting quite the range of products. The three main brands that I use for looking after my lips are Vaseline, Lypsyl and Burts Bees.


I am a huge fan of Vaseline and have always kept them as one of my go to products. The two products that I have been using from their range are the Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera and the Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips. I love the latter of the two because it gives me a nice pink tint to my lips for something extra. I also love that you don’t need much of the vaseline in order to give your lips a nourished feel. Both of these are on sale in Boots for less than £2 at the moment. (Think of those advantage points people!)


I actually got sent the Burts Bees replenishing lip care by the people over at to try out and absolutely loved it. It has a nice scent and leaves a little tingle on my lips which feels like it is getting right into my lips to help them. This can be bought direct from the site for £3.69 and is well worth the money as it’s a fab product.

The Lypsyl products are new to my collection and were kindly sent by the lovely people at Lypsyl themselves to try them out for myself. I got sent original, strawberry and cherry to test out and absolutely love them. The product stays on your lips for ages and keeps them feeling super hydrated and also smells amazing. These fab products can be found on amazon and can be bought in bulk which means they last ages. Prices vary a bit so it’s worth looking if you are interested yourself.


I hope you liked my post featuring these 3 amazing brands, and I hope it has given you some inspiration to buy yourself some lip saviours before you find yourself under attack from cracked lip syndrome.

Laura x

*as per my post, the Lypsyl and Burts Bees were sent for me to review, all opinions are my own.

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