Ways to save money: a series

After the huge success of my home buying post last week (this month I’ve surpassed my best views in the last 6 months!), I thought I would take the opportunity to write a series of posts featuring ways we save money in our everyday lives.

In my series I will be talking about some of the websites that we use a lot as well as up-and-coming sites that can help you to save money on the things you love. I will also be covering off topics such as:

1.Saving money on your household shopping

2.How to fill your child’s wardrobe for less

3.How to save money on your utilities

4.Getting the best out of your banking

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Having worked in the banking industry for the last 9 years, saving and making money is something I love talking about and is something I still like to share with family and friends, especially if I spot a good deal.

I’ve always been taught to be thrifty and have always been a saver not a spender so it’s time I share some of my top tips that have allowed us to enjoy lovely holidays over the years as well as our dream cars.

To give you a sneak peek into my post content you will find out I am a freezer filling expert (not an actual job but definitely CV worthy in my opinion), that I love a voucher code or a cashback deal and am always hunting for them before spending any money and that Sello had amazing online deals.

I’m hoping to get my content published weekly as not to bore anyone with money-saving posts every few days and that way you’ve got something to look forward to each week. Let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you’d like to see when it comes to content.

Laura x

*Sponsored Post but all content is my own as always*

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