“Men are made out of time”

A quote to which my fiancé Laura would add “a lot of time”, however this is the motto Detomaso watches work too, as they say “Detomaso marks the man!”

Detomaso asked Laura a while back if I could write a review on one of their watches for them, to which I was more than happy to help out with.

Detomaso is a German watch company whose namesake is of course Argentinian Alejandro De Tomaso who moved to Italy and became a racing driver. He went on to create some of the most elegant yet muscular cars built, so good even the king of rock Elvis Presley bought one.

So no pressure on the watch, but German engineering living up to the name of an ex racing drivers creation that the king of rock loved and bought; I was expecting good things to say the least.

Now on to the watch which as you can see by the picture below, is a very good-looking time piece with dark red/brown leather strap and rose gold frame. It makes anyone look twice to tell the time.

As standard the watch is elegantly basic but comes with everything you expect and with a positive spin:

1. Hand times – Contrast of white to black background for easier sight

2. Date – circular spin with the current date highlighted in red

3. Day – likewise circular spin with the current day highlighted in red

4. Hour lines – contrasted white thick lines for easy time telling

5. Battery – I have had it 6 months now and not had to reset the time once nor replace it

This watch takes the Italian racing style of the red/brown leather and gold whilst keeping German efficiency of practical contrasts from the black base and white and looks fantastic on. At work I have had a lot of my colleagues ask after it both male and female so it must be doing something right.

However there is room for improvement.

It is a miss that there is no standard stop watch, especially one which is playing on racing style, a stop watch would be better. There are other watches Detomaso sell that do offer this but I feel all should come with all their watches due to the nature of their brand, even if just intended for work.

Secondly and finally I have worn this for 6 months (summer and winter) and I must say in cold to normal temperatures it is brilliant. However come hot weather this is where the watches strap need improving or replacing. You can see that the dye from the strap has worn onto the skin and boy was it difficult to get off.

So to wind this up…

I find this watch great for work and casual evenings with friends however I would recommend getting a new strap if you live somewhere warm, which is a shame as the strap really makes it. So overall living in the north of England this watch is fine for me 8 out of 12 months then I swap back to another. However for £100 off Amazon it is a great buy for good working, good-looking watch to be added to your collection.


*the watch was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts are my own*

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