Meet Bob

It’s fairly rare for my lovely husband to make an appearance on my blog unless he appears in a photo alongside myself or one of him and Freya, but this post is all about him.

Meet Bob:

*post contains gifted items*

Bob is 6″3 with broad shoulders and played Basketball and Rugby through the years (to give you an idea about stature/build).

Recently we were approached to choose a few items from Jacamo and put them to the test. I could think of no better person than my husband and proceeded to offer up his modelling services.

A common misconception about Jacamo is that their products are for those who struggle with generic men’s sizing or are giants. Whilst this might be the case, they have an excellent range of sizing that suits someone like my husband who is neither overweight nor freakishly tall but just has long legs and broad shoulders.

I’ll be honest and confirm that the first time we started to notice the brand was when they used Freddie Flintoff to model for them as he is only about an inch taller than my husband. It definitely appealed to my husband and made him think differently about what Jacamo had to offer.

The shirts and jeans we received arrived quickly and are excellent quality. My husband has already been wearing them out and about and can confirm they are comfortable which is a big win. Overall we have been impressed with the range of products they offer, the quality and the pricing. They sell a huge range of big name brands and have some fantastic value offers on their site as well making things even better value for money.

Laura x

*post contains gifted items*

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