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Your other half, your brother, your father, your son, your neighbour — whoever ‘he’ or ‘him’ is, when it’s his birthday or even for Christmas (yes, it’s nearly that time again), you should be seeking to gift him with presents that’ll actually be of some help and use. Whether it’s something that he would have never bought for himself, something they he has previously stated that he wants or a gift that is completely out of the blue, by resolving to be practical with your buying, you will help the special man in your life no end going forward. To get an idea of what sort of presents you should be investing in, make sure to check out the gift ideas below.

An eye test and glasses

If the man in your life that you are buying for is getting on in years, then an eye test and a pair or two of glasses could prove to be the perfect present for him. For one, having an eye check up is of the utmost importance because it helps medical professionals to find health problems that are lurking behind the eyes, particularly those that are to do with the brain. Also, by buying them a trendy pair of trendy pair of men’s glasses, you could help them to shave years off of their look thanks to how the frames will transform their face. So, this sort of present is a win on all accounts!

A strong wallet

Ask all of the men in your life, there’s nothing worse than owning a wallet that is, quite literally, falling apart at the seams. It makes everyday tasks so much harder, it makes losing things an easy task and it is, frankly, embarrassing. So, get him a wallet that is strong and durable, preferably made out of real leather, and you’ll make his day-to-day life easier as a result.

A shaving kit

Behind a flimsy wallet, the second worst thing that the man in your life will face is a bad shaving kit. Whether it’s an old set of razor blades or a complicated shaver that they can’t get to grips with, when a man’s shaving kit isn’t up to scratch, grooming is made ten times harder. So, regardless of whether your fella likes a clean shave, a bit of stubble, or a full-blown beard, splash out on a shaving kit that’ll see his grooming techniques changed for the better forever.

If you want to go all out in boosting your man’s grooming habits, then buy him some beard conditioner — this will help to encourage his beard to grow better and healthier.

There’s no need for you to buy things that’ll just sit on a shelf or remain in the cupboard until it’s time to sell them at a car boot sale, so don’t do it. Instead, make sure you’re gifting that special man in your life with something practical.

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