XLS Nutrition: Review

Since becoming a mum almost 12 months ago (eek, we are 2 days away from my baby being 1), I’ve struggled to come to terms with my new body. Everyone told me it takes time to recover but I always thought that within 6 months I’d be back in my size 8’s and loving life.


I’ve tried lots of different methods of exercise as well as drinking protein shakes and nutritional drinks and this week I’m bringing another review to the blog and that is XLS Nutrition.

I think it’s important to be honest and say that I’m not one for a fad diet and am useless at sticking to them but I am one to try meal replacement shakes for breakfast because I am terrible for leaving the house on an empty stomach. Before I get onto my review, here are some facts about the product first:

This healthy weight loss shake contains 27g of Protein and B Vitamins for energy release.

It has fewer than 250 calories.

As part of a calorie reduced diet, the shake should help you maintain your energy requirements whilst helping you reach your weight loss goals alongside light exercise.

Now onto my review and going into my trial, I never specifically wanted to loss weight, more test the product out and see if it was something I could stomach first. Each morning for 2 weeks, I made my shake as directed on the packaging but substituted milk for soya as this is the only thing I drink milk wise.

My first impressions were good in that the shake doesn’t have a chalky taste to it like some shakes have and also doesn’t leave you with a harsh after taste. The chocolate flavouring was slightly lacking in my opinion but I understand why they tone this down as it isn’t meant to be a milkshake after all.

Having the shake for breakfast each day with my usual black coffee was fine although I found I needed to use the loo a bit more mid morning (haha). I don’t think using this as the meal replacement shake twice a day would suit me personally but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work or be right for someone else. Whilst trialling the product out I did in fact lose 1lb in weight over the 2 weeks which was a pleasant surprise to see on the scales.

I ultimately think the shake which comes in Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate could be the right option for someone wanting to lose a bit of weight as long as they eat right when they do eat and do some form of light exercise. This is certainly not meant to be used alongside eating a diet of junk food and then hoping you still might lose those lb’s. I think as with anything, it might work or might not but it is a nice product with a nice taste to it.

If you would like to try out the shake for yourself then it can purchased at Amazon, Boots, Holland & Barrett and many others.

Laura x

*I received the shake in exchange for an open and honest review, all content is my own*



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