Why I started Tracking my sleep

I’ve never been a heavy sleeper and will admit to being a bit of a night owl if I’m honest. This year we went through a lot of big events; getting engaged, booking our wedding and buying a home and it only made my sleep worse.

I’ve loved every part of this year but I started seeing my sleeping patterns getting worse by the night and was only sleeping minimal hours. I’d known for a while that I needed to try something different so when I got the chance to review the S+ by Resmed, I knew it was perfect timing.


This state of the art sleep monitor is designed to work with an app on your smart phone to track the light, sound and temperature of your bedroom. It is a non-contact sleep tracker that just needs to be placed at the side of your bed whilst you sleep.


This tracker also helps you to drift off peacefully by keeping an eye on your breathing pattern and monitoring any changes throughout your sleep. It also lulls you to sleep with sound which can be changed depending on your preference.


There is a clear your mind function that lets you text or voice record any notes/to-do lists or memo’s that might be on your mind. This is a fab function as it’s pretty often that I’m thinking about things I need to do and need to jot them down.

You can also set the tracker to wake you gently up to sleep without going from a heavy sleep to instantly awake. You can set a time window that suits you and then the S+ does the rest of the work for you.

The best feature for me is the tracking facility and the weekly reports you are emailed. It has massively helped me manage my sleeping patterns and try to get a better nights sleep. Each morning I can analyse my sleep and try to plan for a better night’s sleep the next night. It tells you how much of your sleep was a deep sleep, a light sleep and restless periods as well. It can tell you if light disturbed you or sound without needing to be attached to you while you sleep. All you need to do is point the tracker towards your chest and it does the rest.

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I love this gadget and have seen a huge difference in how I feel about my sleep. As we get closer to the wedding, it’s more important for me to have a good sleep and try not to get stressed. This has definitely improved the way I feel and despite still having some sleepless nights, it’s great to be able to monitor it.

If you struggle to sleep then I would definitely recommend this tech.

Laura x

*this product was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. No payment has been received*


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