Where I’m at with the wedding planning

For those of you that don’t know, I got engaged on Easter Sunday this year. My now fiance proposed almost 8 years after meeting me and about time right?

Pretty much straight away we decided to get married in around a years time and started looking at venues to try to find the perfect one. After umming and ahhing my fiance went to play golf at a manor house outside of York and decided that it was the one. A couple of days later I popped to the venue myself with my mum in tow and agreed unanimously it was the ONE!


We also popped into the church along the road and pretty much made the decision without the fiance’s input, that it was going to be a church ceremony. (We had discussed this already and knew it was something we would love to do) Photo below of my mum posing at the end of the aisle!


After that we bought our house and wedding planning took a backseat really with only a couple of bits here or there getting sorted:

  • We chose the florist and had a good idea of colours and flowers we liked.
  • We asked our groomsmen/bridesmaids to be a part of the big day.

Then we had a chill for a bit….

But now wedding planning is full steam ahead with only around 6 months to go to the big day. We are about to embark on attending church for the next 6 months as part of the agreement to be allowed to marry there.

We are sending out invites etc as we speak with evening invites to go out a bit later.

The Dress is CHOSEN!!! but some fitting is required which will be started in the new year.

Bridesmaids dresses/suits are on the agenda for the new year.

Everyone has been booking accommodation at the venue which is fab and means lots of people don’t have to book taxi’s etc home especially when lots of them are travelling pretty far.

Centerpieces and table plan outline is sorted and won’t be finalised until table sizes/numbers are decided closer to the time.

Hair is booked and makeup is hopefully getting booked soon.

And it finally feels as though we are getting somewhere after months of worrying about getting on top of it all.

Lots of people I know who are married, loved the choosing and planning elements but I’ve not been particularly enthused really. The dress shopping was fun and I’m in love with what I’ve chosen but other than that I feel as though everything else is a tick-list exercise.

So fellow brides-to-be or future brides-to-be, don’t be worried that you don’t get excited about it all, I think it’s pretty ok not to be!

I will be checking in again a bit closer to the time with another update so keep your eyes peeled and let me know in the comments if you are blogging about your wedding/wedding planning so I can have a read.

Laura x


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