What If you Won the Lottery???

I don’t know about you but I always sit and daydream about what I would do if I won the Lottery, and this is pretty much a daily occurence in my thought train. I recently saw a Tweet calling out the question: “Would you Quit your Job if you won the Lottery?”

The simple answer for me was YES! But then I had a think about it some more.

I have made no secret of this to anyone that works with me but lets face it, the odds are not in my favour! (to quote one of my favourite films) I am pretty confident that on several occasions, my colleagues/friends/family have all said the same as me. The lovely people at Lottosend conducted a survey recently to find out exactly how many of us would pack in our day jobs or not. The results are quite surprising!

  • England – YES 52.7% NO 47.3%
  • Wales – YES 54.3% NO 45.7%
  • Scotland – YES 57.6% NO 42.4%
  • Northern Ireland – YES 59% NO 41%

So pretty much half of people surveyed in the UK said they would pack their jobs in, but that’s only half. I fully expected the YES score to be much higher but I guess it depends on how much you love what you do. Here’s the stat for male vs female:

  • Men – YES 53.3% NO 46.7%
  • Women – YES 52.8% NO 47.2%

Again the stats were not far off the UK stats and suggested men are slightly more willing to pack their job in if they won the lottery but not much more than the ladies out there. The statistics become much more interesting when it comes to the age factor and this really did take me by surprise:

  • 18-24 YES 37.4% NO 62.6%
  • 25-34 YES 45.6% NO 54.4%
  • 35-44 YES 56.4% NO 43.6%
  • 45-54 YES 59.3% NO 40.7%
  • 55-64 YES 70.5% NO 29.5%

Considering I fall into the 18-24 bracket, I am massively in the minority compared to the 62% that wouldn’t give up their jobs if they won the Lottery. I do enjoy my job and the company that I work for so I wouldn’t exactly know how I would feel if I checked my numbers and actually won the jackpot. I would definitely want to work still, as I do get a sense of pride with what I do and enjoy my work. Let’s hope one day, I actually have to make that decision for myself 🙂 and here is what I would do if I did win the lottery….

Book a tropical holiday or 10….


Buy myself a dream home or a project that could be turned into a dream home…


Buy myself a pick up truck (my dream car).

Luckily I’m not too greedy and these 3 things would make me really happy, I would probably invest lots of the money wisely for my future and buy a property for my mum and one to rent out. Big thanks to Lottosend for doing the survey and finding out the what the public would do if they won the lottery.

What would you do if you won the lottery? Would you give up your job?

Laura x

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  1. I would and I wouldn’t give up my job. I would spend more time with my hobbies, but I would keep doing what I’m doing and hire stuff for the nitty-gritty. I love my job, but some parts are so boring 🙂

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