What I got for my Birthday

Just under 2 weeks ago, I aged a whole year. Yes that’s right, I turned 26! As my fiance keeps reminding us, we are closer to 30 now than 20, nice bit of reality eh?

I thought I’d do a little birthday feature and share some of the lovely gifts I received from friends and family.

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A selection of bath bombs from Yorkshire soap company, a fish in a bag soap, a happy birthday cupcake soap and a rubber duck lip balm.

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An Opi nail recovery set to help me with my mission to grow my nails for my wedding.

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A selection of posh soaps which smell amazing. I actually love the box they came in as well.

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A gorgeous handmade vase which looks stunning on our wood dining table.

I also was spoilt and got tickets to a ballet opera from my fiance which is one of my dream things to go see, and lots of money to treat myself with. So far I haven’t spent much but do plan to treat myself to a nice dress for the ballet from John Lewis that I’ve got my eye on.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my birthday post. If you’ve had a birthday lately and done a similar post then leave me your links in the comments, would love to read them.

Laura x

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