What have I been up to?

I have been jotting down any ideas I have for my blog in my notebook I purchased especially for that reason after Christmas, and 1 idea that I had was to blog about my week and make it a regular post. As it’s been quite a busy week and flown really quickly, I thought I would share what I have been doing and include some photos.

Most of the week I have been at work and time has gone sooooo fast! I have been really busy taking on extra responsibilities and obviously took up more time than originally planned (of course it did, when do things ever go to plan).

Mid-week it was my lovely mum’s birthday and my brother and I purchased her favourite perfume from Elizabeth Arden, 5th Avenue. We also took her out for dinner and let her choose somewhere and ended up going to the Hungry Horse, Riverside Farm in York. Th meal was lovely and as it was mid-week it was rather quiet as well. Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of my meal as I was super hungry and just tucked in.

Today(Friday) I have had the day off and do so every week so its my opportunity to get stuff done. It was half that kind of day as Mum and I drove to Harrogate and visited good old Primark. York is currently unblessed and does not have 1 but here’s hoping that changes in the future. I didn’t go overboard as a tiny voice in my mind kindly reminds me all the time that I am trying to buy a home. I purchased a Game of Thrones T-shirt (amazing right?), a Marvel Travel mug for my tea at work as it constantly goes cold because I forget, a pack of 3 tights and a lovely tan/camel short sleeved cardigan with slits at the side.


After that we drove my brother to the train station as he is off to New Zealand for 2 weeks to visit our Auntie. Needless to say he has been really excited but he will spend roughly the next 27 hours travelling. He’s got lots of activities planned and is going to try and get Bob and I an All Blacks shirt each for the match later in the year.


As you can see, quite a busy day/week but it’s been fab and I finished my day by buying myself an extra large pick & mix :D:D:D

Hope you enjoyed reading

Laura x

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  1. ahhhh Game Of Thrones topppppppppppppp, love it haha. I have one saying Winter Is Coming 🙂
    Life seems to get in the way doesn’t it? I was meant to be posting on Wednesday but my internet ran out on my phone so I couldn’t tether at work to get it done therefore it was a day later. We will get there in the end lol. xox


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