What Have I been buying lately?

Lately I have been treating myself to the occasional gift. I have deserved the odd treat lately with lots of things going on in my life, the stress levels have been high and gifts have been required. Firstly I purchased the Game of Thrones box set 1-3 in anticipation for the new series coming out. I have been re-watching the episodes to remind myself of how awesome the programme is and how much I love it. I bought it in a furious Ebay bidding war that resulted in a win for me at a fab price – Result!

I then purchased two tubes of face masks from Quick Fix Facials. I bought the Anti-Blemish Mud mask and the Purifying Charcoal Mask. I have been using them both lately and will be posting the results in a separate post coming in the next couple of weeks. I bought them on offer in Boots and love them so much so I will definitely be buying them again in the future.

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Lastly i treated myself to an electric toothbrush from Asda while it was on offer. As you can see it is still in its box a month later! (disappointed in myself to say the least) I have yet to use it but I really wanted a new toothbrush that would last a bit better as I like to keep my teeth in good condition. I promise I will open the box and use this shiny new thing in the next week or so once I’ve sorted my life out.


I haven’t been spending too much money but as you can see, i bought things whilst on offer or on eBay. I’m a bit of a bargain hunter and hate parting with money so always look for a discount or voucher. I am going to be trying to save as much as possible going forward towards a holiday and will be sharing more with you about that in May.

I hope you liked this little segment and let me know what you’ve been buying lately in the comments section below!


Laura x

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