Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Women

It’s Wednesday, not long to go until the weekend! Yay 😀

I thought I would create some ideas for Valentine’s gifts for your lovely lady. I will be doing a post re Male gifts in the next couple of days as well (it’s only fair eh?)


Yankee Candle Fireside Treats//Clinique Whole Lotta//L’Occitane en Proven//Le Creuset Cerise ST//Magimix Nespresso In//Benefit Smokin’ Eyes//Urban Decay Naked Basics//Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 – Redemption.

My Valentine’s gift collection can be found on HERE! and This is where you will find my Guys gift list in the next day or 2 as well. My list is compiled of mainly makeup and kitchen goodies as most women will not be able to deny that these are ideal presents. We recently got given a coffee machine by a relative so have been lucky enough to be enjoying the capsules for a while. The makeup I have featured can all be found on the links underneath the photo and where they can be bought for great value for money.

Bob and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day or haven’t really in the past. We have done the occasional meal out on the weekend to celebrate but often found its more expensive. Last year Bob gave me a card and flowers, both of which he got free from work. Some of you may think this to be cheeky but I was very proud that he hadn’t spent any money and used some initiative. I love a bargain or a freebie so I was very impressed with him.

Click the links under the picture if you are interested in finding the prices of these items and link’s for buying them as well.


Laura x

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