Trying Something A Little Different

To say my second trimester has been tiring is probably an understatement. I’ve found getting up at 6am to commute to work even harder than usual, and by 2-3pm in the afternoon, I’m exhausted again. Annoyingly I’ve become more of a night owl of late and find myself pretty awake at 10-11pm compared to my first trimester when I slept a lot. Bob has still been able to get to sleep so there has been nights where I’ve found myself watching something pointless on Netflix just to make myself tired.

When CasinoEuro got in touch looking for people to try out their site, I was really intrigued. Having used online bingo/casino sites in the past and enjoyed myself, I was more than open to trying this site and seeing what it offered.

The sign up process was nice and simple and within minutes my account was set up. I started by browsing round the site and downloading the mobile app. There are various different tabs on the site including Slots, Jackpots, Live Casino, Table games and Video Poker.

It’s an easy to site to manoeuvre around and by downloading the mobile app, you can enjoy the site on the go.

I started off by playing a few simple slot games and placing some smaller amounts until I got used to what I was doing.

It was great when I started winning some amounts and even if they were only 10p, the thrill of getting a win regardless of amount is great for the adrenaline.

I started playing on the go when I was maybe on my lunch at work just to give myself a little “Me Time” or when I was walking down to the shops as placing a bet is so straight forward. On 1 particular slot, I placed a small amount and ended up with a bit of a bigger win and won £60+ which was amazing. I was thrilled with this size win having never won something this high in the past.

Again I had more of a browse and tried out the live casino offers as well as the slots. For me personally, the slots is much easier to get my head round but if you understand the casino area then completing them is much easier.

It’s important to remember to be responsible with these kind of sites and not go crazy spending money. I find setting myself a budget in terms of what I will spend is really important and helps to keep control. Overall I think the site is fab and the mobile app is even better for usability.

Laura x

(This has been a collaborative post with CasinoEuro, all content, opinions and photos are my own)


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