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Do you remember the Crystal Maze? And if you do, did you like it? Well if you did then the idea of being locked in a room for 60 minutes and trying to solve puzzles in order to crack codes to get out of the room, would make you pretty happy. If you haven’t heard of Tick Tock Unlock yet, then you are missing out on a treat.

Last week my work colleagues & I ventured to the Leeds venue to try out an afternoon of team building and something that none of us had ever done before. If you know Leeds, then this little gem of an activity is found down the road from the Train Station on the corner of Wellington & King Street. It’s cleverly hidden as you have to enter a large white building and make it up to the 3rd floor to even know it’s there. Due to the building being listed, they can’t put any signs up but if you stare at the buzzer on the front door, a little clock is listed as the 3rd floor option.

Here is how Tick Tock unlock describe themselves on the site:

“Tick Tock Unlock is a simple and exciting real life escape game designed for small groups of 3-6 people. You only have one goal: escape from the room in 60 minutes by solving a series of puzzles, unravelling clues, and working together as a team to reveal the darkest secrets that have never been shared.

Can you channel your inner detective and solve the mystery no one else can before the time runs out?”


When you first arrive, the game maker (yes it sounds Hunger Games-esque but that’s the easiest way to describe them) walks you through the different kind of locks you will encounter in the room. It’s easy to glaze over this due to being excited but pay attention as the locks all work differently and aren’t as easy as they look. You are also given a background as to what has happened and the scenario you are walking into. Then you head into the room and start doing your best Sherlock Holmes impression.

The whole game itself was so much fun but easy to get overly excited at the beginning of the 60mins. It’s important to work as team and try to works in teams to figure clues/puzzles out, as it’s the only way to beat the clock. Our team did amazing and worked so well after about 10 mins and really started to concentrate on the task itself. I am pleased to say we made it out with 9 minutes 50 seconds to spare. It doesn’t sound like much time really but actually, a lot of teams don’t make it out at all so it is an achievement.

The prices for teams are as follows:

Ticket Pricing

6 players- £84 (£14 per player)
5 players- £70 (£14 per player)
4 players- £60 (£15 per player)
3 players- £48 (£16 per player)

We were actually a team of 7 with 1 pregnant team member so they were kind enough to accommodate us as a team rather than splitting into two smaller options.


You then get to have your photo taken before you leave as you can see from our wonderful snap above 🙂

If you are looking to try something different then I would recommend Tick Tock Unlock 110% as it’s fun and everyone gets the chance to be involved. Don’t panic if you don’t live in or near Leeds, there are other venues in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow as well. You can follow them on Facebook and even read their reviews on trip adviser too if you want to be sure it’s something you would enjoy. It’s a brilliant day for the family, work colleagues or just a bunch of friends looking for an hour of brain power.

Laura x

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