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If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram then you may have seen that I’ve been incorporating a good skincare routine back into my life lately in a bid to banish those blemishes. It got me thinking about other ways to take care of myself and not necessarily those of a pampering nature.

When I was younger and pre baby, I made a lot of time for myself to go to the gym and have regular facials or face masks and even painted my nails. Now I’m lucky if I have time to even contemplate painting my nails, my face mask is done in bed before I go to sleep, and exercise consists of running around after an almost 1-year-old and climbing up and down a children’s climbing frame in the name of squeezing my butt down a slide with said child.

When you become a mum you suddenly put this tiny person 1st above everything and anything and that includes washing your hair. Dry shampoo is BAE and you don’t even flinch when telling someone you’ve gone 5 days without washing your hair. You really do neglect yourself in those first 12 months unless you’re completely on the ball and motherhood is just second nature (those lucky few!). I suddenly have a new-found understanding of what all those women before me have been through and find myself sitting alongside them.

Well now it’s time to embrace the new me and that includes making more time for myself even if that means waiting for my child to fall asleep.

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Now there’s a number of ways to focus on your wellbeing and these aren’t just for those of you who’ve recently birthed a human, so take note.

1.You could take up a hobby whether it’s blogging, a sport, going to the gym, or a craft like knitting. It might sound like an obvious one but I find sitting and writing a blog post to be very therapeutic on the soul and have even taken up a craft recently as well.

2.Read – Books, Magazines, Blog; whatever takes your fancy. I love reading but find that nowadays I only do it if it’s a bedtime story for Freya or blogs. I love to read blogs and it was why I started one myself so I still find it a good way to just have a bit of me time.

3.Go for a reading – This isn’t something I’ve done myself but I know many people who have sought out readings whether Spiritual or Numerologist Readings in order to get some clarity or guidance. If that is something that helps then who am I to judge and I think if it helps the soul then it has to be a good thing.

4.A good old-fashioned pamper; stick a face mask on or go for a professional facial, paint your nails, wash you hair! There’s plenty of options with this one and they don’t have to cost the earth or take up a huge amount of time but I know that when I do manage to paint my nails, it always makes me feel a little better.

These are just a few of my suggestions but there’s so many positive things you can do to just improve your day or lift your mood and lot’s can be incorporated into your working day like going for a lunchtime walk to clear your head. I always try to take 5-10 minutes at least every day to enjoy some me time and then once Freya is asleep for the night, I can enjoy writing or crafting to help lift my mood even more. Let me know if you’ve been in a funk and have tried any of these things by leaving me a comment below.

Laura x

*collaborative post but all content is my own*

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