The Perfect Night: Self-care Edition

I am now over 12 months deep into the world of motherhood and long gone are the days of staying up late or going out for drinks with our friends.

Our wild nights now consist of wine/a few drinks and in bed by 10:30! Rock and Roll I know. It’s been hard to give myself time for self-care as I always feel selfish that I’m not spending that time with Bob or Freya and guilty for wanting a bit of me time to relax.

So I thought I would share some of my favourite ideas for the perfect night in that would help soothe the soul.

My number one thing for self-care is to have a good pamper and for me that means, a hot bath, face mask and lovely bath products. I was kindly sent some pamper goodies which you can see above from Sanctuary Bathrooms and thoroughly enjoyed using these for a much-needed pamper over the weekend.

I also love putting on a good film as a way to relax and take time out. My favourite genre’s of film are Marvel (I’m totally counting that as a genre on its own given there’s a billion films now), comedy, a good chick-flick or a musical.

My blog is another way that I can take time for myself and if there’s anything on my mind, it’s a good way of releasing thoughts by writing a blog post or just writing them down and then deleting them if that makes me feel better. I confess to letting things build up in my head sometimes so that I eventually explode which is never a nice thing for those around me or myself to go through, so writing is a much-needed way to vent.

Getting your favourite snack/drink and putting on your favourite box set! This probably sounds stupidly obvious but there are certain programmes we watch time and time again because they always make us laugh and is a nice and cheap way of having a cosy night in.

Cooking a meal (not that I’m the one that cooks in our house!). My husband is a fantastic cook so whenever we have a good cooked meal and get the chance to talk about our day, it naturally feels like the perfect night in. Add to the mix a good glass of red wine and it becomes even more perfect.

I can’t think of anymore things that we do to have a cosy night in nowadays but thought I’d finish this post with a reality photo of the one above. Now I’m a mum my bathroom doesn’t quite look Instagram worthy anymore…

Laura x

*Post contains items kindly gifted in exchange for a blog post, all content and photos are my own*

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