The New Toyota Yaris Hybrid

You may have seen on my Instagram recently, that I was lucky enough to borrow the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid for a weekend and drive it around York.

Earlier in the year I had the chance to borrow the CHR Hybrid for a weekend and was blown away by how much I loved the car. Having driven a Yaris for 3 years and learnt to drive in one, when the lovely people at Toyota got in touch again, I jumped at the chance to drive another new car.

I picked up the car on Friday evening and as usual Mark and the staff at Vantage Toyota York were extremely helpful in showing me the ins and outs of the car. The car was another automatic which I grew to love with the CHR after 9 years of driving a manual car, and again was a hybrid so used electric as well as fuel.

As part of borrowing the car for the weekend Toyota had a look at a part of my driving to see how much of it was using electric rather than fuel and the results are below:

It’s great to see that over half of my driving on the Friday evening was using electric, showing how much this can conserve your fuel tank itself. A big plus for those looking to get more for their money in terms of fuel.

The new Yaris has all the features I loved in the CHR including automatic high beam, lane departure alert and a pre-collision system. It comes in either a Petrol engine of 1.0 or 1.5 or a 1.5 Petrol Hybrid which was the one I was testing out. As with most cars you start with a basic model and then go from there in terms of what you can add to the package including alloys, privacy glass, Toyota Touch 2 with reversing cameras and even front parking sensors. The colours currently on offer are bi-tone blue, red and bronze and white coming to the market in September.

After 4 days of driving this car about, I remembered what I loved about the Yaris and with plenty more space on offer than models before including a much bigger boot, this is a great little city car and a dream to drive.

A huge thank you to Toyota for letting me borrow this wonderful car for the weekend. It really was fun to drive and great for nipping about York on the various errands I ran that weekend.

Laura x


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