The Ice Doctor Cold Eye Compress

As a new mama, everyone expects you to tell them that your 5 month old baby doesn’t sleep or that you’re up a couple of times a night. I always count my lucky stars that Freya has slept really well since being 10-11 weeks old but I know that could end at any point and our lovely routine could go out the window. I can count numerous occasions since then that she’s woken up randomly through the night and needed a bottle and I will admit to it absolutely killing me. It makes you incredibly grateful when they do sleep through.

That being said, when I’ve had a bad nights sleep whether it be baby related or just down to not being able to nod off which I seem to struggle with lately; my eyes give it away instantly. I suffer from puffy eyes quite badly or serious eye baggage if I’m run down or having consecutive terrible sleeps. I was offered the chance to review the Ice Doctor Cold Eye Compress from Feel Good Contacts and thought it would be a great opportunity to find something that might sort out my problematic eyes.

The Ice Doctor is a Class 1 Medical Device with the MHRA and is filled with natural wheat.

Within the box you will find a lovely soft fabric eye mask and a plastic bag for the eye mask to be placed in before putting into the freezer for a minimum of 2 hours. Remove the mask from the bag when ready to use and apply over closed eyes until you’re relieved of your symptoms. Once you are finished using the eye mask, pop it back into the storage back and return to the freezer for your next usage.

The eye mask can be used to relieve the symptoms of Hayfever, Allergies, Inflammation, Swelling, Tired, Itchiness, Puffy or Sore eyes, sinus headaches and migraines.

I tested it after enjoying lots of G&T’s at the Gin Festival in York (review coming very soon), and have to say, I loved the cooling feeling it instantly offered. I was worried it would feel freezing as we’d put it in the freezer the night before, but the chill was just enough to soothe my eyes and not freeze the skin around them.

My husband tried it out and agreed that it might be really handy when it comes to Hayfever season as he suffers in quite an extreme way. We will definitely keep this eye mask in the freezer for occasions like this or just generally when we are suffering with tired eyes.

The mask is made out of excellent quality fabric meaning it doesn’t aggravate the skin when it’s particularly sensitive or rub the eyes further to make them worse. There is an adjustable strap so that you can get ultimate comfort no matter who is wearing it.

Overall I really like this mask and can see myself using it lots more I’m sure before little miss turns 1. If you like the look of this mask or want to shop the Feel Good Contacts website then for 10% off your first new customer order use the code FEELGOODTIME.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post with Feel Good Contacts*

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