The History of the Honda Civic

I’m not going to admit to being the biggest car lover in the world but having just upgraded my own car to something a little bit more modern, it’s made me more aware of all the great car makes out there.

When I was contacted to feature the history of the Honda Civic from the Vertu Honda site, I was more than happy to read about it and share it with my readers. My fiancé has owned a Honda Civic Sport for the last few years and thoroughly enjoyed the car so it was interesting to read the car’s full history.

Honda are now launching the 10th generation Civic hence the delve into the past to see its history.

The Civic launched at the Paris Motor Show in 1972 and not many people anticipated what Honda would actually bring to the table. Today, due to the Civics’ popularity, it has turned Honda into one of the most recognisable on the road.

Here’s a picture of the first ever Civic:

Photo Credit

To this:

Picture Credit

A little bit of difference you would say but it is a great car and definitely a brand I had heard of before I started looking at cars in recent years. Well done Honda on a truly innovative car and a beauty in the latest model!

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post, all content is my own and photo credit has been given*

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