The Camera Lovers Gift Guide

I’ve done a beauty fan gift guide so far in the run up to Christmas but rather than do a guide for her or him like a lot of people, I decided to think out the box and do a round-up of affordable camera’s that might be perfect for the selfie fan or someone who is looking for a decent camera that’s not crazy expensive.

1. Polaroid iZone: This has 8x zoom and the option to control it from your phone.


2. Polaroid IF045: This is fab for the selfie fan with a built-in screen.


3.Polaroid IS525: perfect for someone looking for an underwater camera allowing you to take photos down to 10ft in the water.


4. Instax Mini 8: delivering instant photos that are bold and vibrant.


5. Sony W800: A great digital camera with a camera of 20.1 MP


6. Nikon Coolpix A10: An easy to use camera with a 16.1 Mp camera


If you’re looking for an affordable camera that is something fun and alternative then I hope this guide has pointed you in the right direction and have a great christmas.

Laura x


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