The Birthday Wishlist

Okay, so I think I’m having a good old Quarter-life crisis as I approach my 25th Birthday! The lovely day will happen in just under 2 weeks time, and I am completely dreading it. This is comfortably the first birthday I have ever dreaded and am going through all sorts of crazy thoughts about life and where it’s headed. To cheer myself up and after a rather lovely exchange of Tweets from Tarnya @ Sweet Allure, I decided to write a birthday wish list to try to cheer myself up. Note to family members reading this blog post, here are some gift ideas, please communicate with each other so I don’t end up with double of something. haha thanks Fam!

PicMonkey Collage

Black Leather Oversized Watch  // ASOS Leather & Suede Fringe Bag //  ASOS Pom Pom Plimsolls  // Candy King PicknMix  // Dream Cities Colouring Book  //  Glee Season 5 .

Everything on my wish list is under £20 and I would be happy to get anything on this list. I’m not one for choosing what I want in advance so these are just some things I’ve seen that I would love.

I hope you liked my wish list.

Laura x


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