Summer Car Care: Travelling with a baby

So in the last week Freya was 9 months old and in her short lifetime so far, we’ve been on two what I would deem as considerable road trips. One was a trip to Scotland for my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary which was definitely the biggie of the two, and the other was for our first family holiday in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

On both occasions, Bob has been completely on top of car care as you can imagine as a first time parent and wanted to minimise any potential hazards especially if it was as a result of poor car maintenance. I don’t have a picture of either of our motor vehicles I’m afraid but instead here’s an amazing picture of my daughter in her car. I’ve included some top tips in this post for ensuring a well maintained motor vehicle.

*collaborative post*

Regular Car Servicing

This was something I didn’t really understand as a newly qualified driver in my first ever car. I hardly drove it day-to-day more than 20 mins here or there and I suppose I was a bit naïve really. Once I upgraded to my first “proper” car as I would call it which was a Toyota Yaris, I learnt the importance of regular servicing at a garage. I drove it 5 days a week over 1.5 hours a day so it became vital to look after my car at that point.


Again, something I was pretty stupid about as a young woman but always replaced when required. Now I know what to look for on my dashboard in terms of warning lights and am confident about what to ask for when getting a bulb replaced.

Screen wash

I am 100% guilty of not remembering to replace my screen wash and having the “Ohmygod” moment when driving. Thankfully Bob is pretty amazing at this and has a stash in the garage to avoid driving with a smeared screen and no ability to clean it (an issue we have living out in the countryside sometimes). Now we both regularly check ours car and make sure we have no more of those moments in future.

Windscreen Chips/Cracks

Have you ever experienced a chip on your windscreen that’s turned into a crack fairly quickly. I’ve had it once where a small stone flew off a car in front’s tyre and chipped my windscreen. It was a very warm day and within 20 minutes of driving, the chip had cracked a big part of the windscreen. Thankfully I was close to home and was able to get the windscreen replaced quickly but it was insane how fast it cracked and how scary it is when you are driving. It’s so important to check for chips as one hot day can change the situation completely.


It is really important to check your tyre pressures regularly as well as the condition of the tyre itself and the spare if your car has one. It’s also vital to check your tyres are within the legal limits as if not, you can risk a fine of the possibility of invalidating your car insurance. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you can get professional car servicing from Ossett Tyre House near Dewsbury to help you figure everything out.

So remember these tips to ensure a safe drive this summer especially if you’ve any staycation’s or driving holidays planned as small checks can go along way.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*


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