Results with Lucy: and so it begins

A couple of weeks ago I applied through Type The Hype to work with an incredible fitness brand: Results with Lucy. As you may know the gorgeous Lucy Mecklenbugh from TOWIE started working on her fitness once she left the show and started showing her own results online. She decided to launch her own online workout training called Results with Lucy.


I have wanted to do something like this for a long time after despising the gym over the years and being downright lazy. I now have just over 3 months until I go to Mexico and intend to get into fantastic shape using this plan. I want to start by saying I am not trying to lose weight, I merely want to get into shape fitness wise but also tone up and define my body a bit more. I hate my stomach and regularly wish it looked like Gigi or Kendall and was super flat. I want it to be more defined and less bloated looking.

As well as working out, I am going to be eating healthier and cutting out fizzy drinks in order to look and feel healthier. I have shared some starting pics below and will be posting a follow-up post in the middle of my 3 month plan, and then finally one at the end to show off the results.

My starting stats are:

Weight – 8st 6lb or 118lb (remember I don’t want to lose weight)

Measurements of the areas that bother me most:

Waist – 25 inches but not very toned

Hips – 35.5 inches and again not very toned

Thighs – 19-20 inches each leg ”        “

003 004

Keep you eyes peeled people, and wish me luck with my plan.

Laura x

*I am reviewing this workout plan as gifted by the company but all thoughts are my own and results will be honest*

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