Recent Bargains

Lately I have been putting myself on a continuous spending ban in order to save as much money as possible for buying my own place. I will be honest and say I have still treated myself to the odd thing and thought I would share some of my recent bargains that I have found with you lovely lot.


First up I went to Boots to purchase another Bleach London Dip Dye Kit which normally retails at £7. I noticed the kits were on offer for £4 instead so I snapped up two of them so I don’t need to buy another for a while. I am going to use one of the kits this week to re-blonde my hair and then probably won’t do it again for a few months or so as it lasts really well.


Next up I was browsing round the F+F sale at Tesco in York last week and saw they had some of their summer range on offer. I grabbed a bikini top and bottom that would go well together and for a bargain £3 each, I cannot complain. They will be perfect for my holidays this year.


Lastly in the F+F sale again, I noticed these gorgeous mosaic tile printed bohemian style trousers. They only had them in a size 6 which normally wouldn’t fit me but because they have a stretchy waistband, they fit perfectly. They were on sale for a bargain £8 and I couldn’t resist again for my holidays later this year.

Overall I have hardly splurged a great deal but everything I have bought will be used/worn. I am still trying to save my hardest and will be sharing some of my best tips in August on how to be a kick-ass saver, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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