Pinching the Pennies During Pregnancy Part II

I posted not long ago about pinching the pennies during pregnancy and time is absolutely flying by! Baby Moore will be with us in around 3 months time and saving money is becoming more crucial than ever.

So here is an update on how we’ve been doing with saving money and some of my best advice for those of you in a similar position or those just wanting saving tips.

I’ve worked in the Financial sector for 8 years and worked overall since I was 16. I’ve always been a saver having saved the deposit for our house and scrimped alongside hubby to have some fantastic holidays over the years. When it came to thinking about children, we always knew that they would cost us a bit and having a plan would be the only way forward.

Our first step in saving money was to set aside money each month from our wages and put it in a separate savings account. Step 1 achieved and ongoing until maternity leave commences.

Next step was to review our outgoings and see what could be cut back/saved.

Firstly we evaluated our shopping habits and realised that whether we shop online or in store, we still end up buying food that we just fancy and don’t actually need/use. We decided to use our chalkboard in the kitchen as a meal planner and only bought what we actually needed each week for the week ahead. Obviously we bought in bulk when  getting dried pasta/meat etc but freezer bags have been a must have and have allowed us to portion control properly. This little trick of planning our meals meant we halved our food bills on a weekly basis and have been able to use the money to buy things for baby.

We are also in the process of reviewing our bills as our broadband and home insurance have come up for renewal recently. I shopped around and used Topcashback to renew our home insurance saving us £7 per month on our payments and earning a whopping £45 cashback in the process. Bob is in charge of reviewing the broadband and cashback will be high on our list of renewal must-haves so keep your eyes peeled as I will no doubt share it in a future post. Step 2 achieved and savings have been fantastic.

We have also been doing lots of online trawling in terms of buying for baby and have tried not to spend full price on anything. Having a baby is super expensive so smarter shopping has become very important. We have also been browsing Ebay to buy items especially those with tags still attached. If you’ve had a child or know someone who has then they will tell you that babies grow so quickly and a lot of clothing never gets worn. Ebay is therefore the perfect place to get items in this condition for a fraction of the price. One of my best bargains so far has been a pair of lion shoes for baby that cost £4 from John Lewis and were brand new. Step 3 ongoing but very much achievable.

These are some of my best tips for saving money and hopefully you could transform them into your everyday life even if you aren’t pregnant yourself.

Laura x



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