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Amazingly this year I celebrate my 7th year of driving. I never even thought I would pass my test shockingly but I did with only a few minors to my name, and I’m still driving on the road to date! I was contacted by the people at Point S to share some of my driving experience’s that have been related to my tyres and also some top tips for ensuring your safety on the road.

I thought I would start by sharing some pictures of my vehicles over time. I haven’t actually taken photos of my cars but just found them on the web but I will post photo credit on here as well.

1st Car – Perodua Nippa


2nd Car – Toyota Yaris 


My most horrifying tyre related situation was when I was starting to work for the company I am with now and had decided to go stay at my boyfriend’s house and then drive to the train station in the morning. I set off from his house and thought my car wasn’t quite feeling right and kept going slower rather than speeding up with the accelerator. I pulled over at the closest car park and rang my boyfriend to say my car was broken! How stupid did I feel when he turned up and realised that the tyre had gone flat on the front passenger side, hence why it was pulling and going slow. This was september time so I was just grateful that it wasn’t winter and the weather was rubbish.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is the importance of looking after your tyres. I had only been driving for about 18months when this happened so I am grateful I never blew a tyre and the situation wasn’t worse. Nowadays I am so careful about checking my tyres and keeping an eye on the tread especially in the winter. I always make sure to ask the garage to check as well just to make sure I haven’t had a stupid moment. Point S are one of many companies out there specialising in tyres and preventing us non-car folk from having accidents. You can search online for tyres, prices and even local centres that fit them for you.

I hope you found this post useful and it reminds you to check your tyres every so often. Stay Road Safe!

Laura x

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