Office Pantry: A Review*

Where to start with Office Pantry. The name alone tells you pretty much what they stand for. This fabulous company delivers office snacks that are nutritionally healthy and wholesome to fuel your office. They can cater for different sizes of offices ranging from 1-15, 15-50 or 50-200 providing many different snacks for you all to beat the office blues with.

I was lucky enough to be sent a little box of my own containing 4 different snack types to try out from the lovely Giles whom I got in contact with after seeing a post on The Blogger Programme. I was very intrigued to find out what would be in my box and found some nutritional yet scrummy snacks.


First up I received some Pastino’s Tomato & Sweet Basil crisp-like snacks. They were to die for and although one bag is a filler-upper, I could have easily eaten more. They are so more-ish and on my list to buy some more as soon as possible.


Next up I demolished the Clearly Scrumptious dried cranberries which were an amazing snack whilst watching Once Upon a Time on Netflix. I have never been a big fan of dried fruit before but there were juicy and I just wished there were more in a packet.


I also received a 9Bar fruity which is a mixed seed energy bar. I have seen this brand a lot and have wanted to try one out for ages so what a perfect opportunity. It was again a yummy addition to my box and given I will admit to being a junk food nut, it made me want to snack better in the future.


Lastly I received a Marshfield Honeycomb Tiffin slab to try. Words cannot explain my love for Tiffin and this was incredible. Chocolate, Honeycomb, Biscuit and Sultanas all wrapped up together in a beautiful rectangle. I sound a bit strange I suppose but I really do love Tiffin.


After having more of a browse on the Office Pantry site and eating these delicious snacks I realised that they cater for office meetings, conferences and even deliver fresh fruit to your office for you. I think it’s a fantastic idea as I know from working in an office myself how difficult it is to resist the call of junk food as a snack.

They have a fantastic example on their site from the very first office they provided snacks for giving some truth about those “HANGRY” moments we get at work when you just grab chocolate or crisps. (I have definitely had some of those myself haha)

I would definitely check Office Pantry out if you work in an office, or own a business because if my boss had something delivered like that then I know I would be in an amazing mood!

Hope you liked reading this

Laura x

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