My Favourite Pick Me Up DVD’s

Depressing January has come to an end but if you’re like me then you are probably skint and still feeling miserable with this grey and gloomy weather. I have a collection of DVD’s in my room which are some of my favourites that I will never part with and thought I would share 3 of my ultimate favourites for a pick me up to make you feel much happier on the most miserable of days.


Sex & the City has been one of my favourites since the day it came out at the cinema. I have the 2nd movie as well but the 1st one always wins hands down. Despite never watching the television series, this film is easy to understand and follows 4 glamorous ladies and their lifestyles in New York City. There’s incredible fashion, food, cocktails and drama. The perfect film for all you girlies out there.

Next up is New Years Eve and despite being a film based on 31st December, this is a fantastic feel good movie that has lots of different characters and follows the antics of them all on that one night. It’s amazing how they make a lot of the characters paths cross with each other and it made me really love all the different stories and the film in general.

Last up but certainly not least is Pitch Perfect which is just incredible. It’s full of humour from start to finish and although it is essentially a film dedicated to singing, men would enjoy it too. You can’t help but sing along and enjoy the story and of course I watched the 2nd one when it came out and loved that one just as much.

If you haven’t already seen these films, then what are you doing??? hurry up, you will not regret it.

Laura x

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