My Current Random Favourites

I have been posting about beauty a fair bit recently, which strangely, I never intended my blog to be around this subject. I have somehow found myself absorbed into the beauty world which I love because I do love makeup and skin care – like a lot! I decide I would do a random favourites post of non-beauty things that I have been loving at the moment.


First up I love my notebook! Yes it’s a very standard black notebook that cost me £2.50 from Sainsbury’s but I write down blog post ideas in there, notes that I need to remember (mainly at silly times of night) and all sorts of weird and wonderfullness that just pops into my brain.

I have also been loving my mints and gum from Peppersmith Mints. They are so different and currently I am on the Lemon flavour. They are so yummy and help keep my breath smelling lovely especially at work speaking to customers every day.

Next up I am loving my book Geek Girl. I won this fab book in a bloggers competition and have spent the last few days reading it and am enjoying the story. I won’t lie, it wouldn’t be my first choice off the bookshelf but i am enjoying reading it and am looking forward to finishing it off.

Lastly I have been enjoying my Beanies Coffee flavours. I am just about to polish off the chocolate orange which is lush, and have moved onto the Amaretto Almond. I absolutely love almond flavours and this coffee is no exception. I drink a normal coffee on the morning but these flavours certainly perk up my day.

I will be doing a post like this every so often hopefully but I have plenty of ideas stashed in that notebook to keep my going for a while. have you done a random’s post like this?

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Laura x

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