Make Christmas Extra Special This Year

I love Christmas. I mean, who doesn’t? It is the one time of year we have a legitimate excuse for stuffing our faces till we burst and staying in wrapped up in a blanket. Bliss! However, if you want to make Christmas extra special this year, there are lots of ways to do so. Here are a few of my favourites.

Watch a Christmas movie before you go to bed

On Christmas Eve, you have to watch a Christmas movie. This will send you to sleep dreaming about the next day and what Santa might bring! I recommend my all time favourite, It’s a Wonderful Life, but there are millions of great Christmas films to watch.

Plan an amazing breakfast

Sure, Christmas is all about the huge turkey, pigs in blankets and roast potatoes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start the day with a bang. Pop open the Champagne and get the day off to a great start. You can create a Bucks Fizz (mix Champagne with orange juice) to make something a bit more breakfast appropriate. In terms of food, you want something that will keep you full until Christmas dinner but not too stuffed that you won’t enjoy the main meal. Try smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.


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Homemade crackers

If you hate the standard plastic yo-yo and pack of cards that fall out of the Christmas crackers each year, it is time to ditch them. You can get crackers that can be filled with your own gift so you can create personalised ones for friends and family. Whatever you do, don’t forget to also add a paper hat and rubbish Christmas jokes. These two are a staple of Christmas dinner and without them crackers would be nowhere near as good.

Get cool gifts

Christmas shopping can be really hard. Finding something unique to beat last year’s batch of awesome presents is tough. And it is made all the more difficult by the fact that Christmas is only 9 weeks away! Don’t be the person who is left running from store to store in a mad panic on Christmas Eve. If you plan well enough in advance you will be able to surprise all the people you love with incredible gifts.

Experiences make really amazing gifts. For example, something like a helicopter flight is such a cool present and totally unique. Before you start to panic about the price tag, you will be surprised to find out that it actually costs less than you might think. I thought it might cost hundreds of pounds to even get anywhere near a helicopter, but it can be as little as £39!

Create a Christmas playlist

Everyone loves Christmas songs, so be sure to create your own Christmas playlist whilst you all eat dinner. Turn off the TV – you will watch enough throughout the day – and crank up the stereo. Watching your family singing along to Fairytale of New York when you’ve all had a little too much Champagne is the best.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Laura x

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