How I’m Tackling The Christmas Shopping This Year

It’s not that long until Christmas now. I’ve already been looking around for some great gifts for my boyfriend and family. This year seems pretty good for buying gifts already. I’m definitely looking forward to the big day. As usual I’m hoping for a snowy day filled with lots of fun and food. In the meantime, I get to enjoy shopping even more than usual because I’m buying gifts for my loved ones.

This year, it seems wearable tech is definitely in. These good-looking gadgets range from just £20 all the way up to £300 for a basic Apple Watch. The best thing is they track your activity, so they are the perfect gift for someone trying to get healthy. Some of them can link to your smart phone so you can make and receive calls on your watch. The technology is new still so you could make someone an early adopter this Christmas.


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Of course, there are plenty of other gadgets and gizmos to buy your other half. Mine is always playing with his smart phone, and is always on some sort of game or app, so maybe a gift card would be handy for those people similar in your life. 

For all those relatives you don’t get to see that often, it can be tricky to find the right gift. I love sending out hampers because I love food. You can choose quality foods and wines to pop in a hamper. Then it all arrives in this fabulous hamper basket, making a really good-looking gift. You can dip into the goodies all through the holiday period. Yummy.

I have to admit that I like to be prepared when it comes to Christmas. I prefer to know what I’m going to buy before I head out to the stores. But I also have to admit I prefer buying online and having gifts delivered direct to those people I’m not going to see this year. I might survive the crush in the stores on Christmas Eve, but the Post Office is a big no for me! Happy shopping.

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Laura x

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