Getting a True White Smile

Over the last month 2 MONTHS, it’s safe to say I’ve indulged in sugar and alcohol until it’s made up part of my blood content.

“It’s Fine, It’s Christmas!”

Seemed to be the go to phrase during that period and when my body recovered from withdrawal symptoms, it was time to pay attention to my teeth and the damage it may have done to them.

I have uber sensitive teeth anyways and sugar tends to force me to grit my teeth in pain so December wasn’t a great month for me (oops).

I started using Sensodyne True White straight after Christmas to combat the effects of my indulgence and took a before photo and 30 days later; an after shot. You will see the results as you read on…

So here’s the key message for the toothpaste:

Sensodyne® True White is a unique, ultra-low abrasion toothpaste designed to care for sensitive teeth and gently whiten, with twice daily brushing. More than ten times less abrasive than many everyday whitening toothpastes[1], Sensodyne® True White provides specialist care for sensitive teeth, whilst helping to gently lift and prevent tooth stains.

I started to notice the sensitivity in my teeth reducing more and more after using the toothpaste and can now drink ice-cold drinks without flinching when it touches my teeth. I did start to see a bit of improvement in the whiteness in my teeth as well but having only tested it for 30 days, I think with prolonged usage, the results would be event better.

 Before using the toothpaste is on the left and the after results are on the right. I have noticed how wonky my teeth are which I’m not happy about at all but you can definitely see a difference in the whiteness at least.

I would definitely re-purchase this toothpaste in the future as I do believe that continued usage would improve the colour of your teeth a lot. With the wedding less than 4 months away now, I need to do anything I can to make those whites shine. I will do an update closer to the time to show off the results of longer usage so keep your eyes peeled, but if you need an answer to your sensitive teeth, then definitely grab some of this.

Laura x

*(This toothpaste was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts and photos are my own)

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