Getting a better night’s sleep with Cherry Active

Like many people out there, I struggle with sleep. I either have an absolutely shocking nights sleep (which is a good 95% of my life) or have an amazing lie in once in a blue moon and get a solid 11 hours which is obviously my body telling me it’s shattered.

As well as trying to go to bed earlier or even using my phone less in bed, I’ve been testing out other methods of trying to get a good nights sleep recently. One of these happens to be Cherry Active’s concentrated Montmorency cherry juice. 

This healthy little product has been proven to provide the ideal amount of melatonin to aid with a healthy sleep pattern so I felt it was a great opportunity to see if it could help me. The juice itself is 100% natural and contains between 90-100 Montmorency cherries per 30 ml serving. They recommend you have a single daily 30ml serving which researchers at Northumberland University put to the test using a group of 20 volunteers.

When participants in the investigation drank the cherry juice for a week, they saw a significant increase in their Melatonin production and an increase of around 25 minutes to their total sleep time. When I saw this stat, I thought 25 minutes doesn’t seem like much but actually it really can be the difference to you feeling exhausted after only just waking up or feeling energised.


I decided to follow the instructions on the bottle and add my serving to water as the juice being 100% concentrated can mean it’s quite tart or sour tasting on its own. I had the serving every day as recommended and did this for 2-3 weeks. In order to track whether the juice actually helped me sleep a little more or even just a little better, I used a sleep tracker app and monitor to help me along the way.

On days where I perhaps forgot to drink the juice I did notice my old sleeping habits crept back in and I found it harder to get to sleep or woke up a lot in the night according to my tracker.

Where I did take the serving I noticed my overall sleep score on my tracker was higher and I was in a deeper sleep for longer rather than a longer restless sleep which is my main sleeping issue.

Long term I would recommend this as a healthy alternative to promote better sleep as it also counts to your 5 fruit or veg a day which is a bonus. I definitely saw results in my sleep pattern and would love to think that it could work for anyone else that tried it as well. If you struggle with sleep and think you’d like to try it out yourself, you can buy it direct from , Holland & Barrett, independent health food stores and even Harrods Pharmacy.

You can buy it in liquid form like I tried and tested and even in capsule form which contains 30 capsules and will set you back £10.99. The concentrate bottle of 473ml containing 15 servings will cost you £16.49.

I will definitely be buying this again in the run up to my wedding to make sure I get as much sleep as my body needs and not let myself get exhausted or run down.

Laura x

*The cherry active sample bottles were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. All findings apart from the university research are my own and the sleep tracker outcomes are through an app purchased seperately.*

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