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Now when it comes to beer/lager: I’m not the biggest fan!

Needless to say I’ve left this job to my fiance over the years.

As it’s almost Christmas and obligatory drinking seems to be on the cards, I decided it was about time I tried out a beer that might just be for me.

Freedom Brewery came along one day and intrigued me with their claim of being the UK’s lager specialists.

Not long after checking this company out, the postie delivered a box of 4 different beers from the brewery themselves.

On offer were:

King Koln

Organic Helles

Freedom Authentic Lager

Liberty Pils

Before discussing the most important thing; the taste test, I take you back to the beginning.

It was 1995, when Freedom Brewery opened in Parsons Green, London. By 1999, 2 pubs became the hub for organic and vegan-friendly lager. In 2004 the brewery uprooted and moved to Staffs to a bigger site with better water!  By 2008 the Freedom Beers were stocked in 25 UK pubs. In 2010 Freedom Four was launched increasing stockist numbers across the UK. 2013 saw an exciting expansion project begin and 1 year later the brew house was replaced with 21 new tanks arriving. Present – rebranding done on the brewery products and stocked in 650 outlets and rising.

When I first read this I thought WOW! It’s been 21 years and look at how far the company has grown. I also love that they are a sustainable company and invest a lot into developing their ways to match the change in society over the years.

Onto the best part then: the taste test. 

As a non-beer drinker generally, I wasn’t sure what to expect but can honestly say I loved the beer. The first one I tasted was the Liberty Pils which tasted awesome. I’m a bit of a slow beer drinker when I do have one but was pleasantly surprised that even a good while later, it wasn’t remotely flat tasting.

I’ve left the rest to the fiance to drink now but with the standards of the first one, no doubt he would rate the others with the same calibre.

It might be a tad late to purchase for a last-minute Christmas gift (however always worth a try, and the receiver would still be happy – I’m sure) but this makes an excellent gift idea for a birthday/anniversary as well.

You can choose a gift box of all 6 beers, a gift pack of 3, beer by the case or a pick n mix option of whatever you choose. It’s a great concept and fabulous value for money for the person who has everything (that loves beer obviously.)

Thanks for reading & Drink Responsibly!

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post*

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