Geek Girl: Head Over Heels review

Since I was young, I’ve always loved to read. Now I’m not a fussy reader and will pretty much read anything, I’ve even read the other half’s books on holiday before when I’ve finished mine too quickly. I was offered the chance to review Geek Girl: Head over Heels, a book most probably aimed at young-mid teenagers. Yes I know I’m 25 but having read one of these before, I was intrigued to see where else they would take the story further.


Now if you aren’t familiar with the background or any of the previous books then here’s a short breakdown to catch you up.

  1. We follow Harriet Manners, your typical teenage girl trying to make it through life.
  2. Harriet is also a model and not your typical one at that.
  3. She gets into all sorts of trouble on every shoot she’s been in.
  4. She lives with her parents and baby sister as well as a crazy cat.

This part of Harriet’s life picks up with her back at school and enjoying a bigger friendship group and the perils it can bring, as well as the usual hate from her arch nemesis Alexa. Harriet was spotted by an outrageously flamboyant talent spotter called Wilbur who decides to go solo and set up his own agency. On the way to a casting Harriet spots Wilbur in an intense meeting with what turns out to be his accountant and finds out he has money worries now he has set up on his own.

Harriet decides it’s time to turn the tables on Wilbur and become his fairy godmother to help him out. She comes up with a plan to go to as many castings as possible and earn money that will go towards his agency. Nothing ever runs smoothly for poor Harriet and there’s twists and turns but on her last casting for Vogue, she gets chosen to work with them along with her baby sister who happened to go along for the ride.

There is plenty of sneaking round but inevitably Harriet and Tabitha(her sister) nail their campaign, eventually scoring a paid job for Harriet in India to shoot a fizzy drinks campaign for none other than her dad’s former boss.

She does amazing in the campaign and even manages to help them with their marketing slogans through the wonderful mind of her eccentric dad and leads him to get his job back after being unemployed for a while. Throughout the story Harriet is insistent that she has to help her friends find love and almost misses out on love herself right in front of her eyes.

I do like a good ending to a book and this one definitely has it. Wilbur is stunned when Harriet confesses that the money she has earned, she doesn’t want and in fact wants him to take. He stuns her back by telling her she has another campaign to work on immediately and that her best friend Nat and grandmother will be going along for the ride to join her for the couple of weeks. To top it all off, said campaign is in Australia which is none other than the home of her beautiful ex boyfriend leaving the story to be carried on and lots more excitement coming her way.

I think the books by Holly Smale are wonderful and really easy to read and follow. I love the story and can’t wait to read the next book and see what adventures Harriet gets up to next.

Laura x

*This book was sent to me in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.*


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