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Recently I saw a Tweet about an accessories company looking for bloggers to work with. I was really intrigued by the company because they seemed to have great products for on the go Women and Men. I sent them my information and a couple of weeks later I was lucky enough to receive some of their products in the post.

I got sent a lovely compact mirror in Bright Pink which lights up when opened, but a handy feature is that you can actually turn the lights off and not waste the battery too much. I also received a 5ml Atomizer which is great for popping in your handbag full of your perfume and saves you carrying a heavy bottle around with you.

FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)

I have been taking them everywhere with me the last few weeks because I actually don’t own a compact mirror (shock horror, I KNOW!) and carrying my perfume bottle does my head in because it takes up too much room in my bag. The lights are really bright in the Mirror but not so much that you can’t actually see your own face!

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Overall I have been really impressed with the products that FLO sent to me and will continue to use them every day. I had a look on their website and noticed that they also do Perfume Jewellery, Men’s Items and a Beauty On the Go kit with brushes in it. Thank goodness I noticed this company on Twitter or else I might not have seen the products they offer.

Have you tried any of their products?


Laura x

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  1. An atomiser would come in very handy – I’ve taken to using the little sample perfumes that I get everytime I order something from FeelUnique, but I never thought about filling an atomiser with some of my own perfume – great idea for when I’m travelling! x

    1. exactly what I thought as well. it’s been a staple item in my handbag lately. I never thought i would use something like this, so I’ve surprised myself. thanks for your comment x

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